God and Abraham

Thursday, March 5th, 2020

Now the Lord had said to Abram: “Get out of your country, from your family and from your
father’s house, to a land that I will show you…” Genesis 12:1

It is imperative for God’s elect in the Gospel of God’s Righteousness which constitutes
Jesus’ baptism, death and resurrection to know that elects must live out their ‘second
lives’ by becoming messengers of Jesus Christ. Elects have been saved by believing in
the Gospel Word. Unless elects themselves live as God’s messengers in these last days,
there will not be anyone who would follow the Gospel of God’s Righteousness.

I am sure most of us are very familiar with Abraham, the father of faith. Gen 12:1-5,
describes how Abraham left his homeland and went to the land of Canaan as God had
commanded him to be His messenger. God blessed Abraham abundantly. Likewise, God
has also given us the very same promise of blessings when we embark on this journey
with Abraham as a messenger of God in this dark world. Let us examine the life of God
and Abraham to discover how we can cultivate the lifestyle as a true messenger of God.

I. A Life Separated From The World Luke 9:23
Now that we have received the remission of sins, have we really left our country, our
family and our father’s house? This does not mean that we should literally leave our
family and parents behind. Instead, it means that we ought to cast away the old ways
of thinking and faith that we had before being truly born again by believing the Gospel
of God’s Righteousness. In other words, rather than setting our hearts on the world,
we should set it on God’s Word and live according to the direction shown by God to be
an effective messenger of God like Abraham.

II. A Life Immersed In God’s Love Rom 5:5
Abraham believed in God’s love for him to be an effective messenger. Do we believe
that God loves us with all His heart? True love and true partnership with God can be
shared only when we know God’s heart and trust in Him. No matter how difficult our
circumstances are and how much hardship we are facing, we can still endure through
them with perseverance because of God’s love. Being a messenger of God demands
endurance because we are sure to face many adversities. We are able to reign in Christ
to be an effective messenger when our hearts are totally immersed in God’s love.
Messengers of God should not look at the world with the eyes of the flesh. Like
Abraham, we must not set our hearts on temporal things because it could dampen our
passion and erode our faith. We ought to have the same unwavering faith as that of
Abraham who became a fountain of blessings to the world around him. As God’s blessed
people, we are not alone but in partnership with God to fulfill our divine call. Let us have
spiritual faith and thank God for His unconditional love to be an effective messenger
for God.

III. A Life Of Obedience To God 1 Sam 15:22-23
Abraham obeyed the Word of God and God said to him that He would bless those who
bless him and curse those who curse him. Obedience to God is far more necessary than
anything else to be a true messenger of God. If Abraham had not obeyed the Word of
God wholeheartedly, then he could not have become the father of faith. Unless we
learn to obey God, we can neither taste the true faith nor maintain a true life of faith.
Obedience is all about doing whatever God asked us to do. Blessed are those who obey
God and much more than that we must learn to obey God truthfully. God said that
obedience is better than sacrifice. If Abraham had failed to learn to obey God, he may
not have been an effective messenger for God. God is most pleased by those who obey
Him when they faithfully spread the Gospel of God’s Righteousness. What kind of
people is God most pleased to use as a messenger? Only born again righteous elect who
live in obedience to God and grow to become an effective messenger of God like

IV. A Life That Follows The Blessed Word Gen 12:4
Abraham was seventy five years old when he left Haran. Despite his old age, he still
followed the Word of God. The Scripture says that Abraham obeyed the Word of God
and God gave him all the blessings as He had promised. Like manner, we also must follow
the Word of God with an unshakeable conviction rather than being led by our own
desires of the flesh to be an effective messenger of God. For the elect, there is no
life that is more blessed than the life that is led according to the Word of God as
Abraham had. Those who live a blessed life and follow the Word are those who believe
in and serve the Gospel Word as a messenger of God. Abraham led his life in obedience
to the Word. Indeed, it is my heartfelt desire for all the elects in our church who
have been born again to lead their lives as Abraham had lived in obedience to the Word.
Abraham’s entire life revolved around the Word of God. Every aspect of a messenger’s
life, from the very beginning to the end must be committed to following the Word.
Whether it is about our salvation, living out our faith or fulfilling our purposes, we must
follow the Word. Following the Word is the safest, most assured and most beneficial
thing to do for a messenger of God.

V. A Life Devoted To The Church Heb 10:24-25
The redeemed elects unite together to form God’s church. It is absolutely important
for those who have received the remission of sins to dwell together in God’s church.
The younger saints ought to listen to their predecessors of faith, seeing them in action
and following them by faith to be an effective messenger of God. There are countless
people of various races and ethnicities living in this world. In spite of all those
countless people living in this world, it is only the few of us who have been chosen by
God to be His true messengers. This is a tremendous blessing. We should know how
blessed we are to be part of God’s church. The church is the lifeline for the elects to
stay true in the faith. To grasp this fully, we must mature in our faith.