Blessings Are Released Through God’s Church

Thursday, November 9th, 2017

Now it came to pass……as soon as Isaac had finished blessing Jacob and Jacob had gone out from the presence of Isaac his father,  that Esau his brother came in from his hunting.”  Gen 27: 1-30


It is very important for us to realise that all blessings from God are released to us through God’s Church. 

It is through God’s Church that God works and blesses His people. 

In today’s Scripture passage above, God is teaching us a deep truth.  We need to latch on to the reason why God recorded this event in the Bible.  It was to reveal the fact that God bestows the blessings through His Church.


  1. Jacob Was Blessed Because He Listened To His Mother And Followed Her Counsel

Isaac, the son of Abraham and the father of Jacob is nearing his death and losing his sight.  Isaac called his firstborn Esau to hunt and make him a savory food he loves before passing on his blessing.  Esau sharpened his arrows, sling them over his shoulder and went out to hunt.  Rebecca, Isaac’s wife eavesdropped what Isaac was saying and wanted Jacob to be blessed instead of Esau.  Rebecca told Jacob to follow her instruction and counsel.  Rebecca told Jacob to bring two choice young goats from the flock.  Rebecca cooked them and made savory food for Isaac.  Furthermore, Rebecca put the goat’s skin on Jacob’s arms and neck to prevent Isaac from identifying him. 


  1. It Is On Account Of The Faith Of God’s Church (NCCkl) That God Has Blessed

Jacob’s mother symbolizes God’s Church.  The Bible implies the Church as a married woman.  The Scriptures describe how Jacob was blessed through the Church.  Jacob was blessed because he did  what  his  mother,  God’s  Church, told him to do.   The Church  (mother) made savory food so that Jacob will be able to receive his father’s blessing.  Savory food here refers to the Truth of salvation that Jesus Christ has blotted out all our sins once and for all with the Gospel of God’s Righteousness that constitutes Jesus’ baptism, death and resurrection.  None other than our faith in this righteous work of the Lord is the prepared savory food before God the Father.  If we make this savory food of faith and take it to God we will receive all His blessings. 

There are several deep truths that I have gleaned in this passage:

a. God has clearly established His Church as the pathway through which He bestows His blessings.

b. Although there are countless churches in this world, only few churches actually teach the mystery of salvation that enables us to receive the remission of sin through the Gospel Word.

c. Jacob was a deeply flawed man with many shortcomings but was still blessed because he obeyed his mother (Church).

d. Although we think that we are serving God’s Church but the reality is, it is God’s Church that is serving us.

e. Those who take God’s Church lightly are leading a life of their own strength rather than a life of faith. They are asking for blessing from anywhere, akin to building the Tower of Babel. 

f. Spiritually speaking, the savory food for Isaac refers to the Gospel of the remission of sins. The savory food of faith cannot be found just anywhere.

g. Rebecca as the wife (Church) knows the most about what Isaac (God) loves to eat. She did not just make a meal that anyone makes but she made a very special dish (Gospel Truth) that satisfies the Father.

h. God’s Church is absolutely indispensable to every born again Christians.


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