The Secret of Favour and Blessing

Saturday, June 16th, 2012

Note: In the first part of this article, which appeared in Life Times Issue 3/2011, Rev. Paul Kumar focused on Genesis 27 in which Rebekah and Jacob conspired to steal Esau’s blessing from Isaac. Rebekah is a representation of the voice of the church and Jacob, the undeserved sinner like we all are.

Rebekah knew exactly what her husband Isaac would love to eat and hence she asked Jacob to bring her two goats. The two goats speak of the Day of Atonement, the Yom Kippur, where two goats will be brought into the tabernacle – one to be sacrificed and the other, made a scapegoat for the removal of sins. Both represent Jesus – the Lamb of God and also the offering of God for us.Don’t shout about your achievements because this isn’t ‘food’ that pleases God’s heart. When you come before God, bring before Him His Son. Bring the ‘two goats’ before Him saying “As for me, I am nothing God, I approach you because of Jesus.” Come in the righteousness of Jesus, not your own righteousness. God is not interested in how good or bad you are. He wants to hear about what His Son has done for you and the righteousness of God will open the gateway for blessing and favour to be poured upon you.

This is the secret of favour. Jacob was a conman and a swindler, and yet he knew one thing, to listen to his mother. He brought the goats so that his mother may prepare the food that pleased his father’s heart.In the same way, God is looking for the righteousness of what His Son has accomplished for you. We are all ‘Jacobs’. We can’t offer ourselves, we can only come with the sacrifice of Jesus. He’s the High Priest, He’s the Lamb, He’s the Shepherd, He’s the Creator, He’s the creation, He is God, He became Man. It’s all about Him.

So bring your two goats – one, God’s Lamb and the other, your offering – and present it before the Lord and pray, and see if God will not open His ears and give you what you want! That’s the kind of walk you want to walk – with such a confidence and an expecting heart. Learn to lean on the finished work of Jesus when you come before the Lord and He will honour you.Now, in Genesis 37, it says that Isaac’s eyes were dim but he could touch and smell his sons, which is why Rebekah put the goat’s skin on Jacob. What does this infer? That God does not look at your outward appearance. He is not interested in what you are on the outside, He is looking at your heart, at who you are inside. When you recognise that you are wicked and foul but made perfectly righteous before the Lord because of Jesus, you please the Father because He knows you recognise and admit to who you are.

And what about the goat’s hair? What does it represent? At the Holy Place, four skins were put on top of the house where God dwells in the tabernacle. One of them is goat’s hair. This speaks of Jesus. So when you approach God in the goat’s skin that is, His son’s righteousness – favour is already upon you. You don’t even have to ask ! God is so good to us. He knows we are sinners with setbacks, weaknesses, insecurities and issues so we think God will not give us the breakthrough we want. Be like Jacob, put on the coat! If you are a believer, the spirit of righteousness and truth is already in you. When you come before the Father, He wants to recognise that in you but are you bringing yourself or His son before Him? When you bring His Son, blessing and favour will be upon you. That’s why Rebekah told Jacob to put on the goat’s skin so that when Isaac touched and smelled Jacob, he would think he’s Esau. In the same way, God doesn’t need to see you; He can ‘smell’ you. Hence there is no need to be obvious and loud about the things that we do.

God wants you to know that you are qualified to be blessed because of Jesus. Such is the boldness of faith. You may be a total wreck but if you can get that faith deep into your heart, you can approach the Father and you will be blessed. Jacob may be a swindler but he knew how to approach his father for the blessings. And in turn he became a blessing. Today we are here because of Him. So don’t worry if you have weaknesses in your life. Put your confidence in Christ. Put on the goat’s skin and approach Jesus. Then you will see your breakthroughs happening and God’s blessing rising in your life. When righteousness is established in your life, grace will reign through righteousness. You will enjoy the unmerited, undeserved favour of God because you are ignited with Jesus.

When you put on His ‘clothing’ in every facet of your life, you will begin to see grace. Inheriting the promises of God is an outcome that is dependent totally on faith. You cannot have pretentious confessions before God. He is greater than our hearts, He knows us in and out.When believers approach Him, we each permeate a smell – the fragrance of life. If you are anchored in God’s righteousness and have true faith in your heart, you will permeate a scent that is pleasing to God. That is exactly what happened with Jacob. Isaac smelled him and blessed him.

“Ah, the smell of my son is like the smell of a field that the LORD has blessed. May God give you heaven’s dew and earth’s richness— an abundance of grain and new wine. May nations serve you and peoples bow down to you. Be lord over your brothers, and may the sons of your mother bow down to you. May those who curse you be cursed and those who bless you be blessed.” (Genesis 27:27-29)

May God give you heaven’s dew…….God will bless you perfectly according to your needs but don’t expect His favour and blessing to be like a bucket poured over your head, overwhelming you. It will come like the dew of heaven, moisturising all over. It will cause the land to be fertile and to bear fruit. These blessings are not just spiritual blessings. When God blesses, He wants to give you His fullness across the board, in every aspect of your life. Abraham was the richest man in town. Isaac was a rich man. Jacob became very rich. Don’t let the devil deceive you into thinking that you can’t be blessed so much. The Holy Spirit took time to write down in the Bible that God blessed Abraham with goats, silver, gold and so on.

Learn to approach God the way Rebekah taught Jacob and you will enjoy the fats of the earth and will have plenty of grain and wine (grain speaks about fertility and wine about the Holy Spirit). In every area and facet, God will cause you to be highly favoured because He is in control of the whole universe.

Extracted from ‘Who Does God Favour?’ CD and edited with permission from New Creation Church, Kuala Lumpur. The continuation of this article will appear in the next issue of Life Times. Reverend Paul Kumar is the founder and Senior Pastor of New Creation Church, Kuala Lumpur. He is committed to the cause of Christ, passionate for revival, determined about reaching the lost and preaches with authority and real life wisdom.

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