How to inherit Absolute Grace

Sunday, June 17th, 2012

Dear friends, the Word of God is the truth in reality as well as it is spiritual.  God said to Abraham, “I will be God to you and your descendants.  Be circumcised in the flesh of your foreskins. Then, I will be your God and the God of your descendants.  I will bless you.”  Likewise, He also became our God in the time of the New Testament just as He has promised.  Whoever believes that all their sins were taken away by Jesus when He was baptized by John the Baptist is one of the descendants of Abraham and God’s people.  You and I are those special people to whom God said He will be God to them. 

 Friends, why did God command Moses to make the screen gates of the tabernacle and its veil woven of blue, purple and scarlet thread intertwined with fine linen?  Exodus 26:36, John 10:9.  This was the revelation of the covenant that the Lord would come to this world, be baptized at the age of thirty to take over the sins of the world, die on the cross and rise again from the dead.  This was God’s promise that He would remit all sins away by those who believe in Jesus Christ, Who came by the water (baptism) and the blood on the cross (Spirit) and that He would make them His people.  John 3:5

 God said that He would be the God to those who believe in the Truth of the blue, purple and scarlet thread and fine woven linen.  The blue refers to the baptism of Jesus.  Purple depicts His divine Kingship.  Scarlet refers to the blood shed. The white woven linen speaks about the Word of prophecy spoken in the Old Testament and fulfilled in the New Testament by Christ.  He promised us that He would be our God and that He would save us, protect us and bless us as long as we believe in this Truth.

 As a matter of fact, to believe God’s Word of promise is spiritual circumcision.  Such circumcision should be done to our hearts.  In other words, we need to cut off the sins from our hearts by faith.  We should profess our faith, by saying, ‘My sins were cut off and handed over to Jesus when He was baptized by John the Baptist.  He bore all my sins, received punishment on the cross for me and saved me from the judgment of those sins.  He made me one of His sinless people.’ In other words, whoever has been spiritually circumcised by such a faith becomes  God’s children.  This attest to the words of Jesus to John the Baptist at the River Jordan when He said, “Permit it just now, for this is the fitting way for both of us to fulfill all righteousness.” Matthew 3:15 (Amp)

 Therefore, inheriting the promise of God for our perfect salvation depends entirely on our faith in God’s Word.   Such faith enables us to attain God’s absolute grace which is stable, valid and guaranteed to all His descendants who share the righteous faith of Abraham.


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