Saving Grace

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

Dear friends, have you ever wondered  how sin came into the world, what kind of fate and consequences befell mankind and how God saved us.  A thorough and accurate knowledge will enable us to attain perfect salvation. 

How did sin enter mankind? 

It entered because of Satan’s wiles.  Satan is the fallen angel who was cast out by God for exalting himself higher than God.  Satan asked Eve, “has God indeed said, you shall not eat of every tree in the garden?”  Eve’s weak faith was inevitably shaken by Satan’s sceptical question and began to crumble.  Satan then deceived Eve with an even more outrageous lie, saying “you will surely not die.  For God knows that in the day you will eat of it, your eyes will be open and you will be like God having knowledge of good and evil.” Gen 4:3-5  

Once Eve lost her mind to Satan, she believed in his lies rather than God’s Word and ended up acting according to her mistaken belief.  Not believing in God’s Word is the origin of sin.  Therefore, even before Adam and Eve ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, sin had already entered into their hearts the very moment they disbelieved in God’s Word.  

What happened to mankind after the fall? 

Firstly, their relationship with God was severed.  Secondly, they assumed their own standards of good and evil different from God’s standard.  Finally, they could not receive all the blessings from God.  Above all, they became wretched beings who could not avoid eternal death and punishment of hell.  The entire human race was now destined to live without any hope, wandering around lost in the weary and thorny journey of life. As a result, the flesh returns to a handful of dust and soul doomed to eternal punishment.  

However, God came looking for fallen mankind.  He saved us perfectly from all our sins and trespasses.  

How, then did God accomplish all the works of salvation? 

Although Satan had tempted Adam and Eve to fall, God clothed them with a perfect garment of salvation made of animal skin.  The killing of the animal foreshadows the bloodshed on the cross for the remission of sins. 

How, then was Jesus able to blot out all the sins of this world once and for all? 

It is written in 1 Cor 15:3-4, “that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures and He was buried and that He rose again the third day according to the Scriptures.”  The Scriptures mentioned here by the Apostle Paul refer to God’s message in Christ in the the Old Testament.  Therefore, we need to examine how the Israelites atoned for their sins in the Old Testament.  

When we turn to Leviticus 1:3-5, we see that the offering of atonement of sin had to meet the following conditions.  Firstly, there had to be an unblemished animal such as a bull, sheep or goat.  Secondly, the sinner had to pass his sins to this animal by laying his hands on its head.  Thirdly, the animal which now bore the sins had to shed its blood and die for the sinner vicariously.  There are many different sin offerings registered in Leviticus but the three basic conditions had to be met without fail. 

The Old Testament sin offerings foreshadowed the eternal sacrifice of Jesus.  Jesus Christ, Who is God Himself, came incarnated in the flesh of man.  He became the perfect sacrifice for the atonement of sin for all man.  He accepted all sins of mankind on His body by being baptized by the laying on of hands and was crucified to death on the cross.  By faith, in this righteous act of Jesus’s baptism(water) and death(Spirit), all sins have been eradicated once and for all. In this manner, one’s sin is completely washed away from one’s heart. To be precise, proper faith in Jesus baptism, death and resurrection would make us sinless and righteous in the sight of God. This is the Gospel of the water and the Spirit which Jesus preached to Nicodemus to be born again into the Kingdom of God.  John 3:5. 

In retrospect, Adam and Eve fell into sin because they did not believe in God’s Word.  They believed in Satan’s lies and were ultimately placed under God’s curse.  A lack of proper knowledge in this Gospel Truth has prevented many from receiving perfect salvation in Christ.  Our true faith must be rested on the Scriptures which is the blessed Word of grace that God spoke and fulfilled to mankind.  

The Gospel of the water and the Spirit is biblical and  sound.  A believer in this true Gospel receives perfect remission of sins and the power to defeat all the attacks of Satan.  The everlasting Truth of this Gospel does not change.    

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