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Friday, April 12th, 2013

God Gave Us The Righteousness Of Faith Before The Law

Which one is easier to follow, faith or Law? Faith.

The Apostle Paul said that God gave us the righteousness of faith from the beginning.  He gave it to Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, Seth and Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Isaac and finally to Jacob and his twelve sons.  Even without the Law, they became righteous before God through the righteousness that came from the faith in His Word.  They were blessed and given rest through the faith in His Word. 

Time passed and Jacob’s descendants lived in Egypt as slaves for 400 years because of Joseph.  Then, God led them out through Moses into the Land of Canaan.  However, during the 400 years of slavery, they had forgotten the righteousness of faith.

So, God let them cross the Red Sea through His miracle and led them into the wilderness.  When they reached the wilderness of Sin, He gave them the Law at Mt Sinai.  God gave Moses the Law which contained the Ten Commandments and the Law of Sacrificial System.  He gave the Law so that they would have knowledge of sin Rom 3:20. 

All the people of Israel who had been enslaved in Egypt crossed the Red Sea.  They had never met the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob.  While they were living as slaves in Egypt, they have forgotten the righteousness of God.  Therefore, they needed to find their God again and meet Him because they had forgotten His righteousness.  We have to bear in mind that God gave them the righteousness of faith first and then gave them the Law, after they had forgotten the faith. 

His purpose in calling them is to let them know that He had existed by establishing the Law and secondly, to let them know that they were sinners before Him.  God wanted them to come before Him and become His people by being redeemed through the sacrificial system that He had given them through Moses.  The people of Israel were redeemed through the sacrificial system of the Law by believing in the Messiah Who was to come.


Aaron Laid His hands On The Scapegoat

The righteousness of God was demonstrated when all the sins of this world were expiated through the faith in the ordination of the OT and the baptism of the NT.  In the OT, all the yearly sins of Israel were atoned through the High Priest, who laid his hands on the head of a live goat without any blemishes.  Lev 16:2. 

This is how they were atoned in the days of the OT.  To be redeemed from daily sins, one brought a lamb or a goat without blemishes to the tabernacle and offered it at the altar.  He put his hands on the head of the offering and then his sins were passed on to the sacrifice.  Then, the sacrifice was killed and the priest put his blood on the horns of the altar.  There were horns on the four corners of the altar. These horns symbolize the Books of Works written in Rev 20:12.  The sacrifice’s remaining blood was sprinkled on the ground too.  The ground represented the heart of man because man was created from dust.

To Redeem Us All

What’s the meaning of Jesus?  The Saviour Who will save His people from their sins.  Matt 1: 20-21.  Our Father in Heaven borrowed the Virgin Mary’s body to send His Son to this world to wash away all the sins of the world.  The how did Jesus save all of us from sin?  The way Jesus took away all the sins of the world was through His baptism at the Jordan River.  When John the Baptist baptized Him, all the sins of the world were passed on to Him.  Matt 3:13-17.  Thus, it was fitting to fulfill all righteousness.  Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist in the Jordan River and right at that moment according to the Scriptures, all the righteousness of God that redeemed our sins was fulfilled.  We must believe in the redemption of Jesus provided through His baptism, death and resurrection which contains the righteousness of faith to be saved by grace.

God had first promised Israel that all the sins of the world will be washed away with the laying on of hands and the sacrifice of sin offering.  However, as it was impossible for everyone to lay hands on the head of the goat individually, God consecrated Aaron to be the High Priest so that he could offer the sacrifice for all people.  In the same way, God raised John the Baptist from the Aaronic household who could lay his hands on the head of Jesus and pass on all the sins of the world on to Him.  John the Baptist represented all human kind before Jesus. Matt 11:1. 

This is what happened when He was baptized.  The gates of Heaven opened up when He was baptized by John the Baptist and took away all the sins of the world.  Matt 3:13-14, Matt 11:12.

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