Grace in all its truth

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

Dear friends, on whom does God bestows Grace?  Has God already predetermined whom He would save and whom He would judge?  No, this is not the case.    Through Jesus Christ, God has already blotted out all the sins of mankind  and He wants everyone to believe in the Gospel of Truth and reach salvation.  1 Timothy 2:4

It is entirely the fault of human beings that they are not able to find His grace of salvation.  The Gospel of Jesus Christ clearly expounds that only those who admit they are sinners and  destined for eternal judgment, receives the abundant grace.  In other words, only those whose own righteousness is completely broken down and who thirst after the Righteousness of God can find the grace of salvation.

Therefore,  all of us whose hearts still remain sinful, must admit our sins before God and His Word.  We must recognize the Word declaring that “the wages of sin is death”  and hold on to the Gospel of Grace.  It does not matter whether we have been a Christian for a long time or even if we are holding a position in the church.  Just as the woman with hemorrhage stopped bleeding once and for all when she shook off her shame and grabbed Jesus’ garment, we must also clench the Gospel of God’s Righteousness.  Luke 8:40-48

The sins of mankind were passed on to Jesus by John the Baptist at the River Jordan.  When Jesus was passing by him the next day, John the Baptist cried out “Behold! The Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world’   John 1:29.  He meant, Jesus is the Son of God.  He carries away the sin of the world.  He is the Messiah and our Saviour.  He is the Christ!    John the Baptist witnessed the knowledge of salvation i.e. the remission of sin that was rendered to believers in God. Luke 1:77

It is on those who have received the remission of sins by faith that the Kingdom of God descends.  The Holy Spirit comes into our sinless heart and we become the Lord’s people to be ruled by Him.  In the past, we couldn’t help but lead our lives as dictated by Satan as we were slaves of sin.  Now, we are all able to follow the will of God as we have become the people of righteousness.  Just as the Lord said that new wine should be put in new wineskin, so must the born again live new life.  This new life is the life of the light, precious life.  The lives of the righteous have been born again.  We are no longer of the old self which grows corrupt according to the deceitful lust and decaying customs of the world.

Having put on the new man we are now living as servants of our Saviour, following His commandments.  In other words, the born again serve the Lord in their lives.  This is the life that is led to serve the Gospel.  How, then, can we the righteous serve the Gospel?  The Lord says that it is possible only when we deny ourselves and take up our crosses.  This simply means that we have died to our old selves by faith and we are now to live in the newness of life as sinless and righteous.  It is when we trust in the Lord’s Word and dedicate ourselves to the work of righteousness that our Lord accepts all our services in pleasure, blesses us and works within us.  The life that is led in the service of the Gospel is truly a blessed life  that fully manifest the glory of the Lord and  is personally experienced everyday.  Think about what a great blessing and privilege it is that we the lowly and wretched have become God’s children to be given the opportunity to serve His righteous work.  This is grace in all its truth operating to the fullness in one’s life.

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