Christ Glorified In Us

Thursday, May 31st, 2018

“Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.”  1 Cor 10:31


God’s elect in the Gospel of God’s Righteousness that constitutes Jesus’ baptism, death and resurrection have long understood that we exist for the glory of God.  Furthermore, we know that the ultimate purpose in life is only found in our Maker and Redeemer.  The chief end of every person, the purpose behind their being is to glorify and enjoy God.

The glory of God is often described as God’s beauty and pre-eminence. We cannot add to God’s glory but we can reflect or magnify His glory in our lives.  Apostle Paul puts it in the most practical way possible when he says “so whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.”  Now, how do we actually do this?  We glorify God through :


  1. Appreciation

Christ glorified in us  when God is set as the highest in our thoughts and mind.  We ought to have a venerable esteem of Him.  We glorify God when He is exalted in mind and heart.  We glorify when we find God to be greater than all things created or imagined.  God is glorified in  us  when  we  admire  Him  for  His  person,  work  and  promises.  Ps 97:9


  1. Adoration

Christ glorified in us when we ascribe worth, praise and worship to Him in spirit and truth.  Divine worship must be rendered according to how God Himself has appointed in the Word.  The gathering of the saints in the Church on the Lord’s day is one of the primary way we glorify God but this feeds into both private and family worship as well.  Ps 29:1-3


  1. Affection

Christ glorified in us when we love Him.  The love a Christian has for God is born of the Spirit and flourishes in faith.  It is only small when our faith is small.  God is glorified in us when  our love for Him is true.  This love is exuberant, not a few drops but a stream.  We love Him with all that we are.  Mt 22:37


  1. Abide

Christ glorified in us when we obey Him out of a sense of love.  This is when we abide in Him and serve His Righteousness.  God is glorified in us through good works done in faith.  God is pleased with such works not because they are perfect but because they are the fruit of faith and are perfected by His Son, Jesus Christ. John 15:8-10


  1. Advance

Christ glorified in us when we testify to His person, work and worthiness in our words.  We ought to advance the Kingdom of God by sharing the Gospel of God’s Righteousness which has the power to save lost souls.  Greatness of God is reflected when we share the Gospel Word, bear witness to His grace on our lives in all its form and confess His sufficiency in all our afflictions for His glory.  1 Pet 2:9



How is Christ glorified in us?  When we allow Christ to live through us at all times.  In our days of peace,  in days of hardship, in the valley of the shadow of death and in the pasture of comfort. 

We were predestined, called, justified and raised to heavenly dignity  to magnify God’s glory in all our lives.  Rom 8:29

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