Church Alive

Thursday, November 8th, 2018

“And I also say to you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build My church, the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it.”  Mt 16:18


It is imperative for God’s elect to recognize that the Church was designed by God to be an irresistible community.  Unfortunately, people are not always drawn to it.  What are the characteristics of a church that is alive?  Jesus Christ loved the Church, so much so, that He gave His life.  If the Church is so precious to Him then we should know the Truth pertaining to what ‘Church alive’ is all about.

In 1 Pet 2:4-17, the Scripture likens the Church to “lively stones.”  Christ likens Himself to a ‘Lively Stone’ and the believers to ‘living stones.’  Let us examine the Church that is alive and moving forward for Christ.


The Church Is Alive Because Of Its Maker  V4

The Church is not only described as a ‘Stone’ but even the  members are called ‘lively stones.’  How can a stone be alive?  The mere thought of such screams for the supernatural!  That is exactly the intent.  God is conveying through Peter that the Church is above and beyond the ordinary.  It is the super-ordinary, beginning with Christ.  Sadly, so many reject the Church and plug in to many counterfeit organizations in its place.  The Church is an organism.  It is living organism with Christ as the Maker. 

The ‘Church alive’ is determined by the Savior’s righteousness, grace and mercy working in the lives of God’s elect. 

God’s elect are plugged into Christ for the purpose of experiencing His life.  God chose the same ‘Stone’ that was rejected by man to be the Chief Cornerstone.  Just as His choosing involved His own Son, it also involves us as members of the Church.


The Church Is Alive Because Of God’s Elect  V5-8

The priestly work of God’s elect in ‘Church alive’ is immense and extensive.  God’s elect who have received the indwelling of the Holy Spirit are called ‘living stones.’  We are alive because Jesus lives in us.  As we live, God wants us to be offering up spiritual sacrifices that  are  acceptable  to  Him.  Rom 12:1-2 ; Heb 13:15-16    God  has  chosen only His elect to serve the Gospel of God’s Righteousness that constitutes Jesus’ baptism, death and resurrection.  ‘Church alive’ is filled with songs of worship, shouts of praises and service of gladness rendered to the Savior of our soul.


The Church Is Alive Because Of Its Mission  V9-10

The ‘Church alive’ is the extension of God’s Kingdom on earth.  God’s elect are divinely chosen to participate in the priestly service of meeting the spiritual needs of people in the world.  The call to serve goes beyond our sphere of influence to the ends of the world.  The ‘Church alive’ is divinely protected, fed and nurtured by God to advance His Kingdom on earth.  As God’s elect, we are called to proclaim the praises of Him Who delivered us from the Kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of Light.  We were once not a  people but now a people of God saved by grace through faith in the Gospel of God’s righteousness.  The ‘Church alive’ ought to not only be alive but also act alive.  God’s elect must not be blinded by their own circumstances and be paralyzed with fear of serving.  God’s elect are transformed by the power of Christ through the Holy Spirit to serve the lost humanity.  We must have passion for souls and desire to administer the Gospel of God’s Righteousness at all times to all people.  Missions is vital to the health of the ‘Church alive.’  God’s elect must realize that before they can ever truly reach others with the gospel, they must first come to a place where the gospel directs their lives.  When this happens, we will be a ‘Church alive.’


The Church Is Alive Because Jesus Is Its Focus  V11-17

Everything that God’s elect do must be centered on Jesus.  Our preaching, our teaching, our worship, our fellowship and our service all must be about Jesus.  These are one common factor in the many churches that are dead……somewhere along the way they lost their focus.  Things become more about the people and programs of the church than the Savior of the church.  In ‘Church alive’, it must always be Christ and Him alone.  The purpose of the ‘Church alive’ is not to appease people who cannot be appeased.  The purpose of the ‘Church alive’ is to exalt the Savior.  The word ‘exalt’ means to lift up.  When God’s elect lift up the Name of Jesus, people will come to know Him as their personal Savior.  When a church is alive, there is evidence of the power, presence and performance of Jesus Christ. 


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