Circumcision of The Heart

Thursday, September 28th, 2017

In Rom 2:29, Paul explains about the circumcision of heart in the spiritual and not the literal sense.

Circumcision in the literal sense was important for the Jews as portrayed in the Old Testament.   This was an outward sign of being set apart for God.   However, in the New Testament, in Phil 3:3 Paul defines true circumcision.  “For we are the circumcision, who worship God in the Spirit,  rejoice in Christ Jesus, and have no confidence in the flesh.

We thank God for NCCkl, for we who are born of water and the Spirit of Christ can truly enjoy worshipping God in Spirit and Truth.

Let us examine and gather what the Old and the New Testament has to say about circumcision.


Circumcision of the Flesh   Gen 17:10-25; Jer 4:4; 9:13; 24:25 God made an everlasting covenant with Abraham of which circumcision was the seal.  Acts 7:8    It was passed down to the Israelites and till today it is still practiced. Genesis 17:10-25   It is customary for  Jews to circumcise male babies on the 8th day.  An uncircumcised person’s  soul will be ‘cut off’ from his people. Only the circumcised can partake the Passover Meal. In Joshua 5:2-5, the Lord commanded Joshua to circumcise those who were born in the wilderness.


What is the spiritual implication of circumcision?

From the above verses, we can see the Spirit behind the Word of God.  Circumcision is the sign of the covenant between God and Abraham as a reminder of what God promised him which he accepted by faith.

When Joshua and Caleb’s generation occupied the Promised Land, the  Israelites   were   enjoying  peace  and  prosperity.   However,  the following generations  did not experience the work of God but were merely observing the rituals that they were told to keep.

In the book of Jeremiah, God warned the people that though they were circumcised but their hearts are turned away from the God of Abraham as they did wicked and sinful things.  God allowed their neighbors to attack and laid waste their land for they pride over their own ability of keeping the Law but failed to fulfill it.

As born again children of God,  we must take heed of the above not to take matters lightly.   Though we are saved,  we can sway away from God and slowly detach  ourselves from the church and end up living like unbelievers.


Circumcision of the Heart  Rom 2:25-29;  3:30;  4:10,12; Col 2:11; Phil 3:3 

When we  believe in  the Gospel of God’s Righteousness that constitutes Jesus’ baptism, death and resurrection, Christ can spiritually cut our inner selves and give us a new heart.  By faith in Christ only can one approach God who is holy.  It has nothing to do with our outward privileges or positions, external appearances,  eloquence or beauty, physical advantages or performance. At His baptism, John the Baptist represented the world and  passed our sins (past, present and future) on to Jesus by the laying on of hands and He was judged at the cross. 



We thank God for NCCKL, where the Truth, that is the Gospel of God’s Righteousness  is preached to set us free for those who take heed, obey  and apply what we have learned in  our lives.   Circumcision hurts but we will rise up to be great warriors of the Lord.  In His Spirit, we shall speak with fearless confidence of His marvelous great works.  

NCCKL is also a platform for young and old who can avail themselves to be part of the Body of Christ by serving or participating in the various ministries and activities so that we can be united as family in  Christ who understand our Father’s heart.


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