Confession Of Faith In God The Son

Tuesday, July 1st, 2014

Who is Jesus Christ?

Why did Jesus come to this world?

Jesus came through the body of a virgin. The reason was to save human beings from sin, He had to come in their flesh. In what form did He come? He came in a form that had nothing to be desired of.  Jesus came to the nation of Israel, as a man and through the body of the virgin Mary engaged to Joseph, for He came to fulfil the Word of prophecy for the sake of mankind. Christ came to become the Light of this dark world. He came to work as an Interceder between God and mankind. After being baptised by John and while thus shouldering the sins of the world, He was crucified and shed His blood on the cross. As such, He came to give the remission of sin and life to those who believe. 

Christ came to enable us to enter the Kingdom of Heaven by believing in His baptism of the cleansing of sin and the blood of the cross in order to avoid the fiery hell. This world has been a dark and hopeless world. Before Christ came to this world there was no light of true salvation, but worse, it was locked in pitch black darkness. To such a world as this, Jesus came. Why did Jesus come? He came to shine the light of salvation to this world. When Jesus came to this world, all the people of this world had been deceived by the Devil, their hearts were weighed down by their sins and they truly did not know the way of receiving eternal life. This is why God the Father sent His Son Jesus to save the people of the world from all their sins. 


Why People Choose Not To Receive Jesus Into Their Hearts?

  1.  He came as a lowly Man to save sinners.
  2. People did not cast aside their own faith and thoughts.
  3. People did not realise they had been created by God.
  4. People did not know they are bound to hell as sinners from their very moment of their birth.
  5. People did not know Jesus the Saviour of the sinners.
  6. People were ignorant of the Truth of His baptism and death.


 When We Believe In Jesus, How Can We Receive Him Truly?

John 1:12 says, “but as many as received Him, ……children of God,…..believed in His Name.”  To those who believe that Jesus had become their Saviour and blotted out all their sins, He has given them the right to become God’s children. Have you received the Gospel of the water and Spirit? What is receiving the truth? One can receive the truth only when one knows the Truth of the water and Spirit. When someone is knocking on the door, we open the door only slightly and first ask who it is, and if it is someone whom we know, we then open the door fully and ask him to come in. This is receiving. Although we have not met Jesus face to face, we still believe that He accepted all our sins passed on to Him by being baptised at the Jordan River. I thank God for this truth which is the only way to enter the Kingdom of God.  The faith that receive the blessings of Heaven is the faith in the Gospel of the water and the Spirit given by God. In our flesh, we are unable to believe in Jesus. However in our hearts, we can know the Righteousness of God, believe in it and thereby receive it. It is appointed for man to be born once and die once. The Bible tells us that our lifetime is about 70 years or 80 if we are strong. Psalms 90:10. Every human being goes through the trials of life, and, at its end, must stand before the Lord. How pitiful would it be if we were to die without knowing the Truth of the water and the Spirit. Judgment follows our death. Whether we are welcomed into heaven or cast into hell is determined by whether we have the faith that believes in the water and blood of Jesus Christ.

Some people say, “I am not someone who can believe in Jesus.  Why?  Because I was born as a natural sinner, whose propensity to sin is boundless.” However, even these people need not worry.  Their sins, too, were all passed on to Jesus through His baptism and blood and as such all that they have to do is just entrust everything to Him by believing in this Word. I urge you to leave all your weaknesses and flaws of your heart, which you cannot ever control on your own, at the feet of God, for if you would only entrust all your sins to Him, our Lord, being the Almighty God that He is, has already solved all the problems of our sins through His baptism and blood. 

While we live in this world, we must always believe in the Gospel of the water and the Spirit in our hearts. We must live with our faith always prepared to enter Heaven. When we believe in this beautiful Gospel given by Jesus, we are then born again. When you do so, we would realise what the blessings of God are.  Such blessings are  then  spread throughout the entire world through none other than us.