Creation Of Man’s Two Kinds Of Life

Friday, September 5th, 2014

When God decided to make man, He picked up a handful of dust and shaped it into a man. Then He breathed into this creation’s nose the breath of lives and man became a living soul. Gen 2:7

Two kinds of life were born that day, soulish life (psuche) which started the heart beating and blood flowing and created the soul and personality of man. The other being spiritual life (zoe) which became the human spirit in man and enabled him to communicate with God Who is a spirit. These two kinds of life found their home in the physical body of man and there was harmony in their interworkings.

The Bible says man became a “living soul” (KJV). The soul was to stand in the center, between the spirit and body and be the merging place of these two. 

It was to be the part of man through which the spirit and body expressed themselves. It stood between these two worlds, yet it belonged integrally to both. Since the soul has free will, it was to decide which would dominate the life, the spirit or the body. 

Before Adam sinned, the spirit dominated his soul and body but with the free will he was given as part of his soul, Adam made a decision to disobey God. When he did, the spirit of man underwent a violent change. Its capacity to communicate with God ceased and a deadness developed in a man’s relationship with God. The tragic result of this is that the soul and body of man were now left without a spiritual monitor and their whole development excluded the enlightening and restraining power of God. Instead of being “God’s” centered, man became “self” centered. Instead of being a “flower” out of the Creator’s Hand, it became a “weed” growing wild, with no cultivation or grooming.


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