Daily Bread That We Need

Wednesday, March 12th, 2014

The Lord taught us to pray, “give us this day our daily bread.” Actually, the daily meal necessary for us is the faith in the Gospel of the remission of sin, which our Lord accomplished through the baptism He received and the blood of the cross. Our hearts gain the true bread of life by believing in the Gospel Word of the water and the Spirit.

To us who believe on this land, the need for daily food is absolute. As long as our bodies are alive and we have been clothed by our spiritual bodies, we are in need of daily bread. Even if we have eaten yesterday, we need to eat today. We just need to eat continuously.  As we have to keep feeding our flesh while we are alive in this world, our souls are also in need of daily spiritual bread.

As we live in this world, we are surrounded by our daily weaknesses and we commit sins day after day. Thus, we need the Gospel of the water and Spirit, which is our daily bread. Consequently, we ruminate on the Lord given Gospel of the water and Spirit day by day and gain new strength from it to live out our faith. 

Therefore, not ruminating daily on this beautiful Gospel is like not eating spiritual food at all. Since we have already received the remission of sin, we may grow lazy to ruminate on the Gospel of the water and  Spirit. Many of the born again people are prone to look for something new while forgetting about the Word of Truth. We the righteous need to ruminate daily on the Gospel of the water and Spirit  so that we can be fed spiritually everyday. At NCCkl, we dispense this spiritual sustenance to nurture the inner man to face the constant challenges of the world.