Thursday, September 27th, 2018

“17 that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith; that you, being rooted and grounded in love”  Eph 3:17


It is imperative for God’s elect who are established in the Gospel of God’s Righteousness to examine their spiritual depth in Christ.  God’s elect must have Christ in their heart and be rooted in love.  If they are not rooted, they will wither away.  Thus, God’s elect must desire the Gospel Truth and grow strong in Christ.  God’s elect must acknowledge that falling away from Christ is a serious threat and can happen to anyone of us. 

This process of maintaining spiritual depth requires a continual abiding in the hope of the Gospel of God’s Righteousness that constitutes Jesus’ baptism, death and resurrection. 

God’s elect who have no spiritual depth has the  propensity to forsake the Gospel of God’s Righteousness.  How deep are your roots?  In most plants, the root system is a below-ground structure that serves primarily to anchor the plant in the soil and take up water and minerals.  Roots may be less familiar than the more visible flowers, stems and leaves but they are not less important to the plant.  The growth and branches of a plant will only be as healthy as its roots are strong and deep.  So it is with God’s elect. 

How do God’s elect build a root system so strong that the winds of change or the storms of life won’t blow them from life dedicated to God?  Jesus answers that question in the parable found in Mt 13:3-8, 18-23.  The Sower went forth to sow.  Understand that the Sower represents Jesus.  In principle it applies to anyone who sows the seed of the Gospel of God’s Righteousness by the power of the Holy Spirit.  The seed is the Word of God.  There are four different types of soil which the seed comes in contact.  The four types of soil represent the various sorts of attitudes that man have towards the Gospel of God’s Righteousness.  The question God’s elect must ask is which type of soil best describes them.


The Wayside Soil

 It indicates a hard packed earth.  The soil does not lack fertility but it is hard.  Contact is made with the seed but because the soil is so hard, penetration is not made.  The soil would not allow any of the seed to sink in, much less take root.  The hardness represents the disposition to not believe.  This person is simply not interested in the Gospel of God’s Righteousness. Their heart is hardened to the truth of salvation.  What are the possible reasons for the hardening heart?  Pride, idols, fear of giving things up and perhaps worldliness.  As a result the seed quickly becomes bird food. The bird represents Satan. 


The Rocky Soil

It suggest a ledge of rock covered with a very thin coating of soil.  The plants that sprang up had no deepness of earth.  With the rising of the sun, these plants were unable to withstand the heat.  Without a sufficient root system to provide moisture or nourishment, they soon withered away.  This soil represents the one who hears the Gospel of God’s Righteousness and immediately receives it with joy.  Unfortunately, the person has no root in himself but endures only for a while.  When challenges arises because of the Word, they immediately stumble.  This is not a stubborn or rebelling heart but one that lacks seriousness. The seed sprang up immediately because it lacked the needed depth.  A plant cannot survive that is not adequately rooted.  It could represent those who come to church on the basis of frills rather than for the Gospel Truth that can save their souls.  At NCCkl, we have learned that an emotional reception without a strong foundation based upon the Gospel Word will not enable one to stand against the tide. 


The Thorny Soil

It implies the seed that fell on thorns.  Although the seed was able to take root and grow in this type of ground, it has no match for the head start and the extremely hardy nature which the thorns enjoyed.  Over time, the seed was deprived from everything essential to its growth and as a result was choked out of existence.  This soil represents the one who hears the Gospel of God’s Righteousness but whose ability to grow is choked by the cares of this world, the deceitfulness of riches and the pleasures of life. 


The Good Soil

It refers to a sincere and good heart.  It hears and understands the Gospel of God’s Righteousness.  It hears and accepts by faith like a child.  It hears and holds fast the Gospel Truth.  It bears fruit and produces.  They will be like the Bereans, who were commended for being ‘fair minded’  as manifested in the way they received the Gospel Word with all readiness and searched the Scripture to find out whether these things were so.  Acts 17:11  Note the importance of ‘understanding’ in relation to bearing fruit.  When God’s elect at NCCkl understands, they will more likely bear fruit.  The key to understanding is having a good heart that is willing to listen and learn.  This soil produces in varying qualities.  Some a hundredfold, some sixty, some thirty.  Mt 13:23  Whatever our ability, we should exercise it accordingly.  1 Pet 4:10-11


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