Faith, The Key

Friday, July 10th, 2015

You may be saying to yourself, “that sounds great, pastor – now all I need is enough faith to believe and it would work for me.” You are right! Faith is really the key for appropriating everything the Lord has already provided for us. For this reason, Satan will try to confuse us about what faith he is and how it works.

When we begin to learn about all our spiritual assets and armor with which to live for God, Satan will come in and take our eyes from Jesus where all power is rested. Satan will use every clever and insidious device of the world and the flesh to focus attention on ourselves and our problems instead of on Christ.   

In Mt 14:20-33, Jesus is teaching us the lesson about faith as a key to unlock all power. What happened? Peter was doing great until he did what you and I do frequently. He got his eyes onto the problem, in his case the stormy seas and of the Problem Solver, Jesus. When he did, down he went. Praise the Lord for His faithfulness inspite of our lack of it. He caught Peter just before he went under, just in time for him to have learned his lesson but not be overwhelmed by it.  

Peter isn’t the only one this lesson was designed for. As you and I walk through our particular storms, we must keep our eyes of faith focused on Jesus and His ability to handle us in the midst of the storm.

What is your ‘storm’ right now? Are you out of a job, having family, marital, health, children or any mundane issues that we face daily?  As the issues pile up, do your spirits go down? You are no fool. This is reality of life and we respond to issues and unforeseen circumstances. Satan is always there to take advantage of the situation, saying, “look at the condition things are in. Can’t you see what a failure you are and the mess you are in. How are you going to solve these problems? On and on he accuses, with the purpose of taking your eyes off your loving, powerful, all providing heavenly Father and on to yourself and your problems. 

Remember what happened to Peter when he did that? The same thing will happen to us unless we sink our teeth into His promises to meet our needs found in the Gospel of the water and Spirit.

“And my God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.”  Phil 4:19 “Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh, is anything too difficult for me?”  Jer 32:27

If we take our eyes of trust off Christ and put our focus on to the problems, even with the good intention of trying to deal with them ourselves, we will begin to sink into despair and defeat.


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