Faithfulness To The Faith

Thursday, March 28th, 2019

“Then He said to them all, “If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow Me..”  Luke 9:23



It is imperative for God’s elect in the Gospel of God’s Righteousness that constitutes Jesus’ baptism, death and resurrection to know that we stand today one generation from extinction.  It is vitally important to pass along our faith in the Righteousness of God to the next generation at NCCkl.  Of course, I am not talking about nuclear annihilation or natural calamities but rather about the preservation of the purity of the Gospel Word.  Mt 10:28

We are one generation from becoming religious in form without faith in the righteousness of God.  We are one generation from piousness without true faith.  We are one generation from being a congregation without Christ.  Unless the next generation picks up the challenge to be the body of Jesus Christ, proclaiming this powerful Gospel that comprises Jesus’ baptism, death and resurrection, NCCkl will be irrelevant, impotent and a Sunday morning spiritual scrap heap!  There is urgency today for faithfulness to the faith.  Let us examine Neh 13:23-31 to identify some of the shortfall of faithfulness to the faith in the Gospel Truth.


  1. Worldly Culture

In too many so called ‘churches’, worldly culture has replaced true Christianity.  Worldly culture that take the edge off our loyalty to the King of kings.  When worldly culture replaces Christianity, we lift high the banner of political correctness, moral relativism and multi culturalism.  In the name of that current most sacred cow called ‘tolerance’ we may allow the fact that ‘anything goes.’  Sadly, when ‘anything goes’ infects the church, what is ‘going’ is the church – straight into oblivion, irrelevance and total uselessness in the Kingdom of God.  Saddest of all is that many in the church may not recognize the signs and even some who do see may not really care.  That lack of vision or care can be seen in today’s Christianity.  It is a shortfall of faithfulness to the faith in the Gospel Truth of God’s Righteousness.  What I have just stated is an updated view of God’s people we read about in Nehemiah’s world.  Despite revival and renewal the elects then constantly refused to abandon their sinful ways.  It is called spiritual adultery and it is nothing new.  We make a vow to God to love Him, serve Him and to be faithful to the faith in the Righteousness of God and then we slip right back into the same old mold.  2 Pet 2:20-22   Strong words from Apostle Peter indeed but a warning we must not ignore!  Nehemiah dealt with spiritual adultery from the opening to closing days of his ministry.  Anytime an elect violates his faithfulness to God and God’s call on his life by making a choice against God’s will, he is in a state of spiritual adultery, he is following Satan and not the Lord Jesus Christ.  In other days we called it ‘backsliding.’


  1. Worldly Influence

Specifically, we have seen in our study of Nehemiah the partnership of God’s people with heathens.  The  influence  of  pagan  culture  on  what should have

been godly homes was devastating.  It crippled the concept of worship in homes throughout the land.  Nehemiah knew it and we should as well, that you cannot mix faith with unbelief and think you will come away with anything pleasing to God.  Never for any reason partner with an unbeliever or fruitless deeds of darkness, that is if you intend to have any seriousness about your walk with God.  Emotions will begin to cloud your judgment, overriding your common sense and in some ways your life will suffer ruin.  Wise Solomon couldn’t get away with it and neither are you likely to.  When Nehemiah found out about the spiritual adultery through mixing faith and unbelief, he sent a startling wake up call.  We at NCCkl cannot look the other way on these issues.  None of us are perfect but there are some things we can control.  If not, we pay the consequences spiritually and sometimes physically without fail.


  1. Worldly values

Loss of spiritual vitality doesn’t happen suddenly.  It is more like a slow leak in your tire that lets the air out gradually.  A loss of faithfulness to the faith can happen when we compromise our Christian values.  Faithfulness to the faith in the Gospel of God’s Righteousness is our calling – everyone of us at NCCkl.  Nehemiah is most remembered for building the walls of Jerusalem and restoring the city.  However, if we look carefully, his whole aim wasn’t a monument of walls or building but an uncompromising worship of Almighty God of Israel. 

Nehemiah wanted to be known for his faithfulness to the faith.  Nehemiah measured everything on  how God and His Word were being honored. 


a. Purify Neh 13:30

To purify means that elects are going to examine your life and pull out the things that don’t belong to God.  Look for those things that tend to pull you away from God in your worship and service.  Look for the things that interfere with your quiet time or personal devotion.  Look for the things that have crept in to rob you of your joy and those things that weaken your witness for God.


b. Provide Neh 13:31

Nehemiah made sure to provide for the continuing of worship.  It is one thing to purify – get rid of those things that pollute your relationship with the Lord, it is just as important to take positive steps to keep your worship of God vital. That means being ready to daily give God  control of your life. Do you pray?  Do you read your bible?  Do you tithe?  Do you share your faith? Can God have whatever you have?


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