Great Is Thy Faithfulness

Thursday, March 28th, 2019

“God is faithful, by whom you were called into the fellowship of His Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.”  1 Cor 1:9



It is imperative for God’s elect in the Gospel of God’s Righteousness that constitutes Jesus’ baptism, death and resurrection to know that God is the model for faithfulness.  The faithfulness of God is deeply rooted and is an integral part of Who He is.  When elects know God’s track record of faithfulness, they would want to respond with trust and obedience.

The OT word for faithfulness is related to the word for truth.  They both come from the same root which means ‘firmness’ or ‘stability.’ 

Faithfulness actually grows out of truth. 

It is an interesting note to know how often faithfulness and truth are used together in Scriptures. Isa 25:1; Rev 19:11   Scripture extols God’s faithfulness.  God has spoken in truth and His Word is sure, every generation can count on what God has said.  No wonder Jeremiah exclaimed with joy  “Great is thy faithfulness”  Lam 3:23    Several specific applications of God’s faithfulness are made in the NT.


  1. God Is Faithful In Assuring Our Salvation

The spiritual lives of the Corinthian Christians in this text are left much to be desired but Paul commends them for “awaiting eagerly for the revelation of our Lord Jesus Christ, Who shall also confirm to the end, blameless in the day of our Lord Jesus Christ.”  1 Cor 1:7-9    Paul is confident that the Lord Himself will make them steadfast and preserve them from falling away.  That confidence does not rest in the strength or ability of the Corinthians but in the faithfulness of God.  If God promised eternal life to those who place their faith in the Gospel of God’s Righteousness, then God will deliver what He promised.  God will never allow them to perish.  What a satisfying assurance for those who are sealed with the Holy Spirit. 


  1. God Is Faithful In Providing For Our Victory

God wants us to enjoy victory over sin, death, Satan, flesh, world and triumph through trials but He has not left us on our own to achieve it.  He offers us help.  1 Cor 10:13   God promises to protect us from more than we can bear and to provide with every temptation or testing a way of escape.   God’s faithfulness guarantees it!  God has given us His Spirit  to  live in us and help us.  God  has  equipped  us  with  His  Word  which  sets  Satan  on  his heels.  God is continually available for  communication through prayer.  When we step out by faith to obey Him, God meets us there with His strength.  These are resources which He has faithfully provided and when we use them we enjoy His victory.


  1. God Is Faithful In Forgiving Our Sins

Unfortunately, most of us only use God’s resources for victory intermittently and as a result we sin.  However, God’s faithfulness reaches us even then,  “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”  1 John 1:9    We can enjoy blessing when we acknowledge our sins to God as a righteous child who have been completely cleansed from all our sins through the baptism, death and resurrection of Christ.  God forgives us on the basis of two aspects of His character.  One of it is His righteous or just character.  He has already punished His Son on our behalf through His baptism and death, so justice has been served and God now has no reason to withhold forgiveness to those who believe in the Gospel of God’s Righteousness.  The second is His faithfulness.  Jer 31:34    Though our sins seem so horrible that God could never be expected to forgive them, God says He will and is always faithful to His Word. Confess your sins to God as a righteous and sinless child, then take God at His Word. Believe that God has forgiven us and cleansed us from all unrighteousness through Christ Who is our perfect sacrifice. 


  1. God Is Faithful In Sustaining Us Through Suffering

One of the times, we are most tempted to doubt God’s faithfulness is when suffering strikes our lives.  It often makes no sense to us and we see no reason for it.  We may search our lives and although we find some sins which we have previously overlooked, we still cannot believe we deserve what God has allowed to happen to us.  We begin to think that God has forgotten us or really does not care about us.  Isa 49:14-16    God allows us to suffer at times but He could never forget us in our suffering because He is faithful.  He does not forget us.  He really does care.  How can we appropriate this great doctrine of God’s faithfulness and enjoy calmness and contentment when hard times come?  The only way is to do what Peter suggested,  “therefore, let those also who suffer according to the will of God entrust their souls to a faithful Creator in doing what is right.”  1 Pet 4:19   As the Creator, God has the power to carry out His perfect plan for our lives and to accomplish His perfect purposes through our suffering.  As the faithful Creator, God can be counted on to do it.  Therefore, we can consciously entrust ourselves to His care with complete confidence and hand the safekeeping of our lives over to Him, believing that He will do what is best.  When we do that, we will have peace in the midst of adversity.


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