Heaven Belongs To Those Who Are Poor In Spirit

Thursday, November 27th, 2014

As such, everyone’s heart must be poor before God. Those who are poor in their hearts are able to see their souls and their true selves more accurately. They know better to examine themselves and realize their insufficiencies and sinfulness. Such person know how precious the Kingdom of God is. Knowing these things mean that the heart is ready to hear the Gospel Word of the water and Spirit.  This is the reason Jesus said that heaven belongs to those who are poor in their hearts.

To such worthless people like us, the Lord said, “with men it is impossible to enter the Kingdom of God but with God all things are possible!”  It is to save the worthless, that is the depraved sinners, our Lord came to this earth. Our Lord took upon all our sins by being baptised. How did He bear our sins?

He bore them all at once through the baptism given by John the Baptist. He shouldered them all by the most fitting method and the most biblically sound way, just as the people of Israel in the OT had passed all their sins over by laying their hands on the sacrificial lambs. He had to come to this earth to save us like this. He has indeed saved us all perfectly. It is because of His grace that we are now able to enter the Kingdom of God and receive everlasting life. 

Since we are poor in our hearts, we know our insufficiencies and what He has done for us. Do you believe in this, my fellow friends?  If Jesus have not been baptised and crucified to death when He came to this earth, would we be able to enter the Kingdom of God?  It is because we believe in what Jesus had done for our salvation, we have now received eternal life and become God’s children. John 3:36; 1:12. It is absolutely not by our own righteousness or merits that our salvation was achieved.


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