Highest Calling

Wednesday, July 1st, 2015

Most believers seek for power before they respond to the Word when it comes to serving the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They want to see, feel and experience the victory before they embrace the calling to serve His righteousness. That really amounts to walking by sight and not by faith because faith only needs the promise that God Himself has called us and is in control of all things.

This truth is often confusing to believers who are just beginning to serve by faith. They don’t want to run ahead of the Lord. When they are called they wait for some strong motivation and almost physical ‘shove’ from the Holy Spirit before they move into action. As far as I can see, you can’t steer a car unless it is moving and the Holy Spirit can’t force us into action unless we have already made the decision to respond to God’s calling. 

In the Gospel of Matthew chapter 21 verses 1 to 5, the Lord explains to us what kind of people are chosen as His workers and how they are used by Him. Who then are called to serve by God? He calls those who have been loosed from their worldly ties. Those who are tied to the world cannot be called to serve because they still hold fast to many things of the world. Those who had been freed from the world respond to His highest calling as God’s special instruments.  God makes them His workers and fulfills His will through them.  It is to people who had been set free from the world that God accomplishes His work.

In this passage, there is a three-step progression that’s involved in how one embraces the highest calling to serve God. 

Firstly, we simply trust that what God has called us to do represents His best and highest plan for us because He loves us so much. 

Secondly, in the light of that knowledge and with the promise that what He has called us to do, He will give us the power and to obey His will.

Thirdly, we expect Him to keep His end of the bargain and empower us to do that which we have moved into by faith.

On a personal note, it wasn’t until I began to learn about my new exhorted position and the many possessions and eternal endowments God had conferred upon me that I began to embrace the highest calling. No one else had ever taught so highly of me. As I begin to find more and more about this great God Who had loved me so much that he put me into union with His Son through His baptism, I had a greater appreciation of who I was because of whose I was. My Father was a King, so that made me a royal prince. It is my greatest joy to serve Him all the days of my life.


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