Honoring Our Divine Mandate

Friday, January 29th, 2016

Among the many spiritual blessings God has given His children is the privilege and authority to preach His Gospel Word.. God has commissioned the born again saints who believe in Jesus’ baptism, death and resurrection to serve His righteousness. It is note worthy to recognize that God has placed a divine mandate upon us to spread the message of hope to the lost world. Mandate simply means an order or command from higher authority to a lower one. 

In Joshua 1:1-10, we could identify three important factors that pertains to divine mandate from God.

1.  God Is The Initiator For Every Divine Mandate Joshua 1:1

The Lord charged Joshua to lead Israel across the Jordan and take possession of the Promised Land. Joshua was to take possession of all that he sets his foot on. If divine mandate was initiated by human energy or endeavor, it would have been exclusively reserved for the highly intellectuals, the strong organizers and the bold acclaimers.  However, divine mandate is initiated and given to man only by God. In this passage, God bestowed upon Joshua the divine mandate because of his faithfulness and loyalty to Moses. Deep biblical knowledge is necessary but it is not sufficient to call a man into a divine mandate.  Finance is good but it does not finalize every needs of the man of God.  2 Tim 2:15


2, Age Is Not A Barrier To Fulfill Divine Mandate   Joshua 13:1

Joshua was old, between 90 and 100 and God called him to lead His people. Prophet Zechariah was 17 years old when he was called to lead Israel out of apostasy.  Age is not a deciding factor for God to render His divine mandate. In the NT, Timothy was charged by Paul to lead the church in Ephesus while he was still a youth. There are many more young and old who were summoned from their station of life to respond to the divine mandate throughout the Bible. Even in our current generation,  age should not hinder anyone from responding to the divine mandate to preach the Gospel of God. As such, we must not fall into complacency in our service to God.


3. Respond To The Divine Mandate Joshua 1:5

Just as Moses experienced God’s Presence throughout his ministry and was validated in Exo 33:14, in the same manner God also assured Joshua. More so in the NT, Jesus also promised His everlasting Presence if we choose to fulfill the divine mandate to preach the Gospel to the lost. In Matt 28:19-20, He said……”lo I will be with you to the ends of the age” 


Success is guaranteed only if we obey the divine mandate. The basis of our mandate comes from the authority of heaven.

The purpose of our mandate is to make disciples. The extent of our divine mandate is worldwide and timeless. The fulfillment of our divine mandate is only through our partnership with Jesus.


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