House On The Rock

Tuesday, December 29th, 2015

Jesus declared that He will build His Church. In Matthew 7:24-29, the passage describes a parable of how two houses are being built. The builders had access to the same material and choices as to where and how to build their houses.  One man’s house stood while the other man’s house collapses in the great storm (judgment). The difference was in the type of foundation and the attitude of both the builders. One built on the Rock – the Eternal Rock, the other, on the shifting sands of time. 

This parable stresses the importance of the foundation and the attitude of the servant that is entrusted to build God’s house. To build a house on the rock it is essential that it is built for eternity, for this age/time and under the authority of Jesus Christ. Our obedience to the Word is paramount.

Exodus 14:1-15; 21-31 speaks of the experiences and challenges of Moses and the Israelites which denotes a typology of a church (house) that is to be built on the Rock.

The Israelites find themselves trapped between Pharoah’s army and the Red Sea. The spiritual leader and the church built in the world encounter a similar predicament synonymous to the phrase “stuck between a rock and a hard place”. In these passages, we can derive four pertinent points regarding God’s plan in  building  a House On The Rock.

1. God’s plan are not always logical.  Exodus 14:1-2

In this episode, God ordered a change of direction, which seemed strange to the Israelites, as it was risky, dangerous and impossible. However, this experience provided a perfect platform for the display of God’s Almighty grace and power in leading His people to the Promised Land (Kingdom of God).

2. God’s plan are always made in advance Exodus 14 :4-12

God was not surprised, He knew how it will end before it even began. Israel was afraid because they led their eyes on the Egyptians and not on the Lord. Fear causes the distortion of the truth which leads to doubt rather than faith. It is interesting to note that Israel had trusted God for their deliverance but not for their circumstances. If we as a house of God, have trusted God Who saved us from sin through Jesus’ baptism, death and resurrection, all the more we must trust Him with our circumstances.  God has a plan and purpose concerning all our experiences with Him.

3. God’s plan do not need our help but only our obedience Exodus 14: 13-14

In this passage, we see God’s solutions to avoid panic during extreme hardships while building His house on the Rock.

a. Fear not – God instructed His people not to be afraid.
b. Stand still – God instructed His people to rely and be confident in Him Who is a Deliverer.
c. Watch – God instructed them to see what He will accomplish for His people today.
d. Keep silent – God instructed His people not to do  anything but look to Him.

4. God’s plans are not limited to what is humanly possible Exodus 14: 21-31

Leading the Israelites to the Red Sea is just as much as God’s plan to enable them to cross it.  Such challenges and predicament enables the house built on the Rock to witness God’s Hand Who provides a highway to the Promised Land.  God allows these predicaments so that we may seek Him in times of need. 

The Israelites were exposed to the lifestyle and values of the Egyptians (world). Likewise, there is a tendency for us to look to the ways of the world rather than looking to God as our Source and Deliverer.

Dear friends, Jesus Christ is our Rock.  1 Corinthians 10:4


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