How Much Is Enough?

Thursday, July 23rd, 2015

Many true believers having stepped out of weak and beggarly religion of the world into Christianity, want to reverse their course in order to escape severe trials, overwhelming challenges and fear of persecution. However, the Word of God exalts us to “go on to perfection” in our life of faith. This appeal is based on the superiority of Christ over every form of religion, philosophy, idealism and way of life. Christ is better than angelic vision, mysticism, experiences and false devotion. Christ is the end of the Law and better than the Aaronic priesthood for His sacrifice for us are once and for all times. In fact, He has mediated a better covenant, hope and promises in the Gospel of the water and Spirit that constitutes Jesus’ baptism, death and resurrection.

Pressing on in Christ produces tested faith, self discipline and visible love seen in good works. We must be careful to pursue true faith in order to escape from deceiving spirits which misleads us to believe that there is some experience which is going to give us instant maturity. The Scripture tells us that when we become believers in Jesus Christ, we have the Holy Spirit indwelling in us.  As believers must come to understand that we can walk in dependence upon the power of the Spirit of God Himself. We can have His power to live for Christ, to understand God’s Word, to minister for Christ and to overcome temptation. 

The Christian life is a maturing process. We are to keep growing in grace and knowledge of Christ. There are many Christians, who want everything now. Some revert back to attain perfection in their flesh rather than relying on the indwelling spirit. Some seek to pursue total victory over the flesh in order to avoid temptation through human efforts. They want to have great power and wisdom by any means instantly and fall prey into deception and lies of the devil.

In view of the deluge of Satan’s attacks today, we need to check out our armor, keeping it polished and oiled at all times. If our hold on the shield is getting wobbly, then we need to strengthen our feeble arms. How much is enough when it comes to our faith? Our challenges can cause us to either grow in the faith or resort to bitterness towards God. Our proper faith determines the result. We need to conduct ourselves courageously for Jesus in both character and conduct in our life of faith in order to serve His righteousness. Having been born again to a living hope, we are to imitate our predecessor of faith.   

Fight! Contend! Do battle! When challenges emerge, when the truth of God is attacked, it is time to fight for the faith. Only believers who are spiritually “in shape” can answer the summons.


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