How To Be A Godly Messenger?

Thursday, March 5th, 2020

Then He called His twelve disciples together and gave them power and authority over all
demons, and to cure diseases. 2 He sent them to preach the kingdom of God and to heal
the sick..” Luke 9:1-2

It is imperative for God’s elect in the Gospel of God’s Righteousness which constitutes
Jesus’ baptism, death and resurrection to know how the Lord shape and frame His
special messengers. Elects ought to know how Jesus deals, prepares and sends His
messengers. Furthermore, how do messengers turn the world upside down and impact
the world by their influence?

It is always enriching to know the Lord’s way of working with His messengers. It truly
challenges me to see how the Lord multiplied Himself through people. We gain
wonderful insights into this process when we glean Luke 9:1-6.

Historical Background
Jesus gave simple directions and the twelve disciples dutifully, obediently followed
Him. This is a significant transition because it is the first occasion in which Jesus
actually send out the twelve to preach and heal. Jesus lived for thirty years in the
city of Nazareth in virtual obscurity. At the thirty year point of His life, He
embarked upon His ministry, being baptized by John the Baptist at the Jordan River.
John identified Jesus as the Lamb of God after passing the sins of the world by the
laying on of hands Jesus was announced as the Messiah and He began the three year
ministry that ended at the cross and the resurrection from the dead. When we come
to this point in Luke 9, it is half way through the three years of Jesus’ ministry. Up to
this point Jesus did His ministry all by Himself. Therefore, His ministry was isolated
to wherever He was. As a result, Jesus ministry grew and increasingly drew large
crowds and He began to feel the pressure. He has to then diffuse Himself. He has to
multiply Himself to take the Gospel Word to all the towns. Jesus cannot do it alone
and so He needs to multiply Himself by twelve, which is what He determines to do. It
is time now to commission the twelve and provide a wonderful sort of interning
opportunity for this twelve to be messengers of God. It is as if they have graduated
up to 18 months and in one sense now ready to embark into their internship.

Stages Of Calling As God’s Messengers
In fact, there are four stages before being sent out as God’s messenger. The first
stage was when we were called to faith in the Gospel of God’s Righteousness. The
second was our call to permanent discipleship. The third is our call to be a godly
messenger. Fourth, our call to go out and represent Jesus Christ by preaching the
Gospel of God’s Righteousness. Now, where are we in chapter 9? We are at stage 4,
our foray into being a messenger.

Why Twelve?
When the Lord chose them, He chose twelve of them. Why? Why not twenty four,
eighteen or six? Why twelve? The answer is, the choosing of the twelve is a link to
the twelve tribes of Israel. In fact, this was essentially a judgment of Israel who
were hardened in unbelief and rejected their Messiah. These twelve, in a sense,
constituted the new spiritual heads of the tribes of Israel. No rabbis, no scribes, no
priests, no Pharisees, no Sadducees, just ordinary guys. It is a judgment on the apostacy
of Israel that the Lord couldn’t find one person in the religious
establishment to pick as a messenger of God. Likewise, we were ordinary people in
these last days chosen to be godly messengers of the Gospel of God’s Righteousness.
In a sense, it is an open renunciation of the corrupt and false messengers in today’s
Christianity which God abhors. Basically, God will not use these false preachers who
peddle an incomplete gospel and present God as a liar.

Profile Of Godly Messengers Luke 9:1-6

1. Godly messengers proclaim the message of the Kingdom of God. Vs 1-2
Their message encompasses the matter of sin, repentance and a crying out for grace,
mercy and forgiveness to those who believe in the Gospel Word.

2. Godly messengers manifest compassion of God to the downtrodden. Vs 1-2
God’s power and authority are always shown in the realm of healing and delivering
people from sorrow, suffering, anxiety, fear and death

3. Godly messengers maintain trust in God at all times. Vs 3
Jesus wants His disciples not to take anything with them and not to accept anything
from others. Basically, one should not seek to be enriched from suffering people.
Never put a price on ministry. Just learn to operate on faith and God will take care of
the rest.

4. Godly messengers demonstrate contentment. Vs 4
Jesus says just go to one place and stay there the whole time. We start there and
leave from there. This is about being content. This is about doing nothing to better
our situation for our personal satisfaction.

5. Godly messengers exercise discernment. Vs 5
After having heard the Gospel message, if they reject, there is a place of an
appropriate gesture of scorn and judgment. When the rejection is fixed, there isn’t
anything more for us to say, just shake the dust. It is not only a sign of judgment but
also a matter of priority. There is not much time, there are many more people to
reach out. We got to move on.

6. Godly messengers submit in obedience to God’s command. Vs 6
The disciples were in total obedience. Obedience is better than sacrifice. The
passage tells us that they did exactly what the Lord told them to do. Jesus had
multiplied Himself twelve times through the godly messengers.