How To Overcome The Spirit Of Offense?

Thursday, February 16th, 2017

“ And then many will be offended, will betray one another, and will hate one another.” Mt 24:10


Offense is like an automatic weapon.  Once you pull the trigger, it keeps firing. 

Unless offense is settled within the confession of faith in the Righteousness of God which comprises Jesus’ baptism, death and resurrection, it will continue to cause misery to one’s heart. 

Disappointments and frustrations are a part of daily life due to the fallen world we live in.  Focusing our attention on these negative situations allow the ‘spirit of offense’ to settle down within us, form our attitude, take control of our reaction to situation and shape our character. 

In Matthew 24:10-13, the disciples asked Jesus on what will be the signs of His Second Coming?  Jesus answered them in vs 10, “And then many will be offended, will betray one another, and will hate one another.”   In fact, the day has come.  We now have people offended in the church, home, office and school.  I believe the ‘spirit of offense’ is a deadly weapon. Satan deploys it as a  trap to hold us back from God’s blessing in our lives.


How do we overcome the ‘spirit of offense’ that kills relationship and builds up bitterness?

1. Recognizing The Negative Effect Of The ‘Spirit Of Offense’

The ‘spirit of offense’ chokes ordinary conversations.  It chokes off benefit of the doubt.  It chokes off forgiveness.  It chokes off tolerance.  It denies human imperfection.  It expects a simple, loving person to be precise and mechanical while trying to express sincerity.  It assumes the worst.  It ignores the obvious intention and digs for something ugly.  It nourishes an attitude of dissatisfaction with life.  It is so easily offended and never sees  the problem is within one self. 


2. Deal With The ‘Spirit Of Offense’

We have all had our feelings hurt at one time or another.  We have all felt insulted by someone or felt like injustice was done to us.  When our feelings are hurt or injustice perceived, we have to resolve it immediately, forgive, let it go, and move on.  Otherwise, resentment begins to build, soon followed by indignation, intolerance, hatred and finally seeking some form of revenge.  What a trap!  If we do not recognize offenses and deal with them for what they are, not only can we have our joy stolen but we also trap ourselves with our own lock and key.  It can affect us on a daily basis.  We have to choose not to allow people, words or actions to offend us.  After a period of time, if we constantly build a heart of tolerance, patience, understanding and allow for human imperfection, we will begin to enjoy the people around and even cherish their unique differences.  We need to learn how to release the offender and offenses to God  and move on.


3.Overflow With Thankfulness Against The ‘Spirit Of Offense’

Focus on what God had done for us in Christ through His baptism, death and resurrection.  We are sinless and righteous by grace through faith in the Righteousness of God.  Just like how God instructed the Israelites to constantly remember His goodness and greatness,  we too must celebrate our salvation in Christ.  It will help us to direct our energies and attention to experience  God’s forgiveness and unlimited grace.  Such faith releases the perfect antidote to stand against the ‘spirit of offense.’   Furthermore, it helps us to know that God is in control in every situation.  We can rejoice as long as we learn to focus on good things that God has blessed us.  Such a life in Christ causes us to exercise the fruits of the Spirit to counter offenses.  We must celebrate God’s goodness and praise Him continuously which will result in joy, hope and optimism.



There is a sense of declaration direct from the Word of God, that we must guard ourselves, not to be the offender, nor the offended.  At NCCkl, we who have the three witness of the water, blood and spirit do have the ability and authority as circumcised children of God to overcome the ‘spirit of offense’ that wage war against our souls.


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