I believe in God the Father Almighty

Friday, May 2nd, 2014

“I believe in God the Father Almighty”

The confession of the faith in the Apostles’ Creed is the declaration of the Apostles’ faith that affirms how exactly they believe in God. As such, this faith must begin with the confession, “I believe in God the Father Almighty.” The reason for doing so is because we want to have the faith that Gods wants from us.  Leading the life of faith is for each individual to believe in the Triune God, for faith begins by thus knowing and believing in God the Almighty.


Christians Believe In God As The Father of All Mankind

Christians believe in the Triune God as the fundamental Author of mankind – that is, they believe God to be both the source and the nurturer of life. God created mankind, saves and nurtures the saints through His Church. Since the God of Christianity created the whole universe and made human beings in His own image, He is the Father of all mankind. 

True world peace is found only when people encounter and serve God the creator Who is the root of mankind. If human beings, remaining ignorant of God, seek after only the roots of their own ancestors and pursue chauvinistic nationalism, humanity will surely be self-destroyed by pride, covetousness, jealousy, hatred, conflict and war. As such, we must all become the spiritual children of God by faith within the Gospel of the water and the Spirit.

It is God the Father Who gives us warm morning sun lights, beautiful sunsets, the four season and the day and night. It is He Who feeds and nurtures all life forms, both mankind and animals, by bringing down rain and snow and giving us the abundant fruits of the earth. This is why Psalms 100:3 sings, “know that the Lord, He is God, It is He Who has made us and not be ourselves, we are His people and the sheep of His pasture.”


We Must Recognise God As The One Who Has Saved Us From The Sins Of The World.

The love of God that has saved us from our sins is unlimited and eternal. The history of mankind changes and its religions also change countless times. However, the love of God is never changing, yesterday, today and forever. People’s carnal love cannot last forever. Emotionally stirred, we only think that it is love but it changes in no time. What changes constantly is none other than  emotion. The carnal love of  human  beings  is  always  selfish  and  self-centered. However, the truthful love of God is absolute, sacrificial and eternal. This is why the Bible tells us that God loved the world so much that He sent His only begotten Son. This is how He has saved us from the sins of the world.  We must believe in God but we must also be saved from all our sins and receive eternal life by believing in the Gospel of the water and Spirit.


God Hears Our Prayers

The paternal relationship between a father and a child is a relationship where blood and flesh are shared. Likewise, those who believe in God become His children by believing in the baptism of Jesus Christ and His blood as the Gospel of the remission of sin.  This is how they can live in one house altogether. While we are on this earth, none other than God’s church is the house of the saints and when we leave this world behind, our house is the eternal kingdom of heaven. 

The blessing of calling God as our own Father and being saved from all our sins is made possible only within the faith that believes in the Gospel of the water and Spirit. This is a marvellous fact but absolutely true. The Holy Spirit can come to only those who have been forgiven of all their sins by believing in this beautiful Gospel.  Only those who have received the Holy Spirit can become His sons and daughters. By their faith in the Lord, they can all receive whatever they ask God in the name of Jesus Christ. John 16:23


We Must Believe In God As One Who Would Give Us our Inheritance

Those who believe in the Gospel of the water and the Spirit given by the Lord have become His adopted sons and daughters. Rom 8:15. If they had become God’s sons and daughters, then this means that they will most certainly enjoy their inheritance of the after life.  Rom 8:17-18. This passage tells us that we are the ones who will inherit everything that God of Christianity has. By ourselves, we cannot even dare to enter the Kingdom of Heaven without the faith that believes in the Gospel of the water and Spirit. However, by believing in the baptism and blood of God’s only Son, we can receive the remission of our sins and enter the Kingdom of Heaven. John 6:39 states, “this is the will of the Father Who sent Me, that all He had given Me I should lose nothing but should raise it up at the last day.”