I Know Who Holds The Future

Wednesday, September 17th, 2014

Since embracing the Gospel Truth of the water and Spirit which contains God’s Righteousness, I have had this attitude. I don’t know what the future holds but I know who holds the future. 

This is the attitude I believe God wants of us if we are going to have a life continually filled with the Spirit. However, let me warn you, be sure that you mean it when you give your life to God this way because He will be serious about taking it. You will be saying, “Lord, I want Your will, even though I don’t know now what it will be.” 

As we get to know God in this intimate way, we will discover that we haven’t made a risky deal. His will for your life will go far beyond your wildest dreams. All He has been waiting for is a blank cheque from you so that He could begin to fill in His marvelous plan and purpose.

There had been times when we have said, “okay, Lord, things have been going all right but I would like to try running my life for a while.” Frankly, I was in the process of running it into the ground when suddenly I was reined up short and the Lord said, “you are not going that way, Paul.”

There have been times when I have had tears in my eyes from the Lord pulling me away from the direction I was going but I have never regretted the fact that I gave Him the right to hold those reins.

God wants us to decide who is master of our life. When we accept Jesus Christ by believing His baptism and death for us that provided perfect remission from sin, we received eternal life. We became a member of God’s family. After that He urges us to present Him the title deed to our lives, although He will not force us.  Hence, it does make sense to do it. After all, who really would know better how to run us than the One Who put us together, atom by atom, molecule by molecule?

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