Inner Detox

Thursday, July 5th, 2018

“Examine me, O Lord, and prove me; Try my mind and my heart.,”  Ps 26:2



Health specialist often prescribe a detox  to cleanse our bodies and restore our health.  Often God’s elect in the Gospel of God’s Righteousness need a spiritual detox.  On occasion, our inner being needs this process to remove toxin that have crept into our minds through life experience.  Spiritual toxin can destroy our lives and the lives of others.  Spiritual detox involves cleansing, recalibrating and an invigorating soul treatment. 

Spiritual detox enables us to clearly hear the Sprit’s voice and see our Savior  high and lifted up.

We would not intentionally eat or drink a poison that could harm or destroy our body.  Instead, we may be consuming poison that is hazardous to our inner selves without even realizing it.  Toxic attitudes, behaviors and cultural influences that we allow into our inner beings exposes us to danger.  We cannot avoid contact with such toxins in this fallen world but we don’t have to be contaminated by them.  We can detoxify our inner being and experience kingdom life attained through Jesus’ baptism, death and resurrection.  


  1. Realize

God’s elect must realize that everything counts.  Absolutely everything that we allow into our mind has an impact on how we grow or don’t grow spiritually.  The little choices that we make everyday add up to a significant effect on our inner being.  As such we  must take our everyday decisions seriously to stay away from toxins.


  1. Identify

God’s elect must identify the lies that deceives and replace them with the truth.  Examine our lives for toxic such as behavior patterns that harm our spiritual effectiveness, emotions that lead us away from God’s truth and the kind of people we spend time with.  We need to seek God’s wisdom to discern which of all those are toxic to us.


  1. Cleanse

God’s elect must cleanse their thoughts at all times.  Since spiritual battles are ultimately either won or lost in the mind, it is crucial to pay attention  to  what  thoughts  we  are focusing on.  Our thoughts shape  what kind of person we become.  If we think unhealthy thoughts, we will become an unhealthy person.  Likewise, if we think healthy thoughts that reflect God’s truth, we will become more like Jesus.  We ought to meditate on God’s wonderful qualities so that we may detox ourselves from worldly impurities. 


  1. Choice

God’s elect must choose words that build and not one that undermines.   Recognize the incredible power of words to bring about either good or evil.  God’s Word of Righteousness create and heal while carnal words harm and destroy.  Always endeavor to speak, write or communicate choice of words that reflect God’s truth.  Carefully analyse  as well the words that you hear if they reflect God’s truth. 


  1. Uproot

God’s elect must dig up bitter roots from their inner selves.  When we allow bitterness to take root, it poisons and hinders us from experiencing the grace of God.  We ought to get rid of bitterness by following God’s command to forgive people who have hurt us.  We can rely on the strength that God gives to forgive others. 


  1. Envy

God’s elect must get rid of envy that contaminates their inner selves.  Envying people who have what we want but don’t have will only poison us.  We should stop comparing ourselves with others.  Instead,  we should be overflowing with thankfulness for all the blessings that God has rendered to us.  Cultivate an attitude to seek God’s wisdom in all circumstances in order to practice contentment.


  1. Fearless

God’s elect must break free from fear the enemy infuses into their inner beings.  Whenever we feel afraid we must constantly remind ourselves that fear is not from God.  Instead, fear originates from the evil one.  God has given us a spirit of power, love and peace, not fear.  Rather than placing our faith in all the ‘what-ifs’ of life and feeling afraid of what may or may not happen, we ought to place our faith in God Who is in control of all things.  We ought to pay attention to specific and persistent fears because they reveal the areas in which our trust in God is the least. The closer we draw to God, the less we will struggle with fear. God’s promises are antidote for fear.


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