It’s What’s Inside That Counts

Thursday, October 9th, 2014

Is it a sin to be tempted? The answer to that is No. The sin is not the temptation, the sin is in not saying No to the temptation and in not handing the matter over to Christ for Him to deal with on the spot. 

To me, the greatest thing that true Christianity has to offer the world in general and individuals specifically is that God would go to work on the inside and clean us up and make us brand new people. Most religions simply offer an external program or code of ethics that seeks to change a man’s outer behaviour. That would be alright if that was where the problem is, but it’s not.  This sort of outer renovation usually blinds man to the real problem which is on the inside.

I heard once of a girl who was having terrible stomach pains and went to the doctor for some medicine. He gave her a bottle of green coloured liquid and told her to take two tablespoons internally every three hours.  Well, she took one whiff of the medicine and nearly vomited. So she hit upon another plan. She decided to rub the two tablespoons on her stomach every three hours. 

The medicine smelled as bad as it looked and strangely enough, although she was saturated with the medicine, she did not get any better. Of course, when she went back to the doctor, he quickly convinced her that all the medicine in the world rubbed on the outside of her stomach wasn’t going to get her well. The problem was on the inside and that’s where the remedy needed to get. 

Now, you know, of course, that was only a silly story, but I hope you got the point. The problem that man has is called ‘sin’ and it is down inside us.  No amount of medicine applied to the outside can ever soak through to where this problem of sin is. 

However, man cannot stand to admit that they have this internal weakness called sin, they had invented religion and philosophy. Both these studies admit that mankind has a problem, but generally speaking, they believe it’s external in nature and can be solved through rituals or reasons.


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