Mind Games

Thursday, June 1st, 2017

Keep your heart with all diligence, for out of it spring the issues of life.  Prov 4:23


‘Mind games’ is a series of deliberate actions or responses planned for psychological effect on another, typically for amusement or competitive advantage.  We have all been on the receiving end of mind games and we have all experienced people who like to ‘test’ us and put us through the psychological mode.  These people might be our colleagues, our friends or family members but in any case it can be just as frustrating and potentially damaging.  However, the most subtle and elusive mind game that Satan plays on our mind  can be spiritually devastating.  Mind has great power to do good or evil.  It has power to shape a person’s life and destiny.  What we think about is what we are or what we do.  The key to any kind of improvement in life is in the mind.  The thinking controls the action.  Our mind is what makes everything else work.  If we don’t control and take ownership of our mind in Christ, someone else will.

Only the mind of Christ has the power to withstand Satan’s continuous assault. 

We need the mind and the Spirit of Christ to stand against Satan’s fraudulence,  stratagem  and  tricks of delusive glamour that he plays on one’s mind.  Only the born again in Christ who have the faith in the Righteousness of God that constitutes Jesus’ baptism and death could possess the mind and Spirit of Christ to walk and serve God. 

How do we deal with it and how can we get the upper hand?  In Col chap 3 Paul admonishes the believers to set their mind on things above.  It is time at NCCkl for elevation in our thinking, our understanding and our action to triumph over the ‘mind games’ we encounter daily.


  1. Elevation In Our Thinking Col 3:1-2

It is imperative for us to seek the things that are above.  We cannot be passive about Jesus and His Kingdom.  We need to be aware of what is happening above and what God has determined in His heart so that  we  can be effective ambassador in this perverse world.  2 Cor5:20  Knowing and understanding what is taking place in the throne room of Heaven is not just a fanciful and theoretical supposition.  We need to have  sound  mind in  Christ  for  effective ministry of His saving grace. 2 Cor 3:8   We ought to exercise  our thinking to be Kingdom minded by giving time, attention and effort on matters taking place in the heavenlies. 


  1. Elevation In Our Understanding Col 2: 11-23

The passage preceding Chapter 3 give us an insight and understanding on why we need to elevate our understanding on the things that are above.  In Col 2:11-13, the Word declares that we have been raised with Christ so that we are no longer subject to the futility of self righteousness.  We cannot make ourselves righteous!  No matter how much we attempt to disengage our bodily members  and faculties from certain pleasures, value and  priorities,  it will only remain futile on our part.  We need to remember that we have been crucified with Christ and have been buried with Him to baptism and raised together  with Him into new life.  We can only be righteous and blameless before God by faith in the absolute finished work of Christ through His baptism and death.  Eph 2:4-7


  1. Elevation In Our Actions Col 3: 5-10

The faith in the Gospel Truth of God’s Righteousness that contains Jesus’ baptism and death is our only source of power to demonstrate Christ like virtues.  This supernatural power is available for our practical life on a daily basis when we constantly set our minds on things above.  Since we have ‘died’  with Christ and been buried with His baptism, we should put off the old carnal mind and put on the mind of Christ.  This   renewed image is gained by exercising our mind and affection on the things above where Christ is seated.  Col 3:5-10   We should not try to live our spiritual life without the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  For us who are born again, it is easier to live in a right standing relationship with God as long we set our minds on things above.  Our body manifest what we harbor in our minds.  Our life is hidden with Christ and the power of Jesus Christ leads us in all our thoughts and actions. 



All of us are on our way, either to something that is infinitely better or to something that is infinitely worse.  For a person outside Christ, this life is as good as it gets.  However, for us whose faith is established in God’s Righteousness , our hardships and struggles are temporal before relishing a glorious future.  Without Christ, this world is as near as you will get to Heaven.  With Christ this world is as near as we will get to hell.  It is better to endure hardship, sorrow and lack and be in Christ  than to enjoy any life style we can imagine without Christ.  Dear friends, let us diligently elevate our thinking, understanding and actions to deny any psychological effect on “mind games” induced by our adversary.


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