Sharon Loke
Lifeline Coordinator

Welcome to NCCKL Lifeline Ministry

Visiting church for the first time? Looking for a place where you can find people who will accept you? A place to feel belonged? Lifeline Ministry is the place.

Lifeline Ministry at NCCkl creates opportunities for young adults to unite in the Gospel of God’s Righteousness – Jesus’ baptism, death, and resurrection; the firm foundation which is ascribed throughout the Bible.
Lifeline Ministry provides the answer to the will of God as well as guiding young adults to grow deeper and stronger in faith by living a life in line with God’s will as Christ’s ambassadors. We motivate young adults to live out a purpose driven life through godly encouragement, fellowship and standing together in unity to overcome the hurdles of life together, through the Word of God.
Haven’t had enough of what Lifeline Ministry is all about? Interested to know more? We welcome you to visit us at:

New Creation Church KL

If you are seeking a place or just want to check it out, we invite you to come by and see what we are all about.

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