Ern Huang
Youth Coordinator

Welcome to NCCKL Abide Ministry

Visiting church for the first time? Looking for a place where you can find people who will accept you? A place to feel welcome? To call home? Come join us for our youth service every Saturday at 4.30pm.

Abide Ministry

Abide Ministry is the youth ministry at NCCkl which provides an opportunity for the youth to engage their faith and beliefs in an environment based on the foundation of the Bible. It is a Word-centered ministry which helps youth in this generation to constantly abide with Jesus, the True Vine. A conducive place for youths to discover the Gospel of God’s Righteousness – Jesus’ baptism, death, and resurrection which is preached throughout the bible.

If you are seeking a place or just want to check it out, we invite you to come by and see what we are all about.

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