Misconception Of The Flesh And Demons

Friday, May 15th, 2015

Some well meaning Christians have a tendency to go overboard over demons. After teaching about the flesh, world and Satan in our mid-week dew, I felt led to ensure no one falls into the trap of attributing to demons, what is actually the work of the flesh.

You may have heard people speak about the ‘lying demon’, the ‘lust demon’, the ‘envy demon’ and others. I do not believe there are specific demons such as these who can only do one thing. Consider a person who is constantly thinking about sex. He is consumed by lascivious thoughts every day. If he has heard of such things, he may begin to think, “Maybe I have a lust demon.” He shares his thoughts with some of his Christian friends and they pray to cast it out. Sanctimoniously they may say, “We have cast out the lust demon. PTL.” Our Christian friend, thus assured by his own feelings and the pronouncement of his friends, takes his wife to a restaurant, smug in his victory over himself. A curvaceous waitress in a miniskirt comes to the table, and in a flash the old demon is back.

The danger in this concept is that a deed which is actually a part of the flesh or the old sin nature is attributed to a demon. It is vital that we assign things to their proper course. There is no ‘lust demon’ per se. Lust is a sin which comes from the flesh. However, there are demons who will use the lust of the flesh to guide us to moral disaster. Satan can take a natural drive and use it, but he is not the originator of it. He capitalizes on something which is already going on in our hearts. 

Along with many other doctrines which become distorted in popular usage, the theme of Satan probably has more false cliches attached to it than any other. 

“The devil made me do it” is a cop-out. 

When Satan takes the desire which you have and uses it for his purposes, he doesn’t force you. If you really express the truth having overtaken by the sin of your flesh, you would say, “I did it because I choose to follow the desires of my old nature.” Now that is not as easy to say as “the devil made me do it,” but it is more honest.


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