My Gospel

Tuesday, January 21st, 2020

“Remember that Jesus Christ, of the seed of David, was raised from the dead
according to my gospel,.” 2 Tim 2:8


It is imperative for God’s elect in the Gospel of God’s Righteousness which
constitutes Jesus’ baptism, death and resurrection to know that the Gospel of God’s
Righteousness is the heart of our message and the basis of our unity in the faith.
Paul often declares it is ‘My Gospel’ to emphasize the reason why he exist after
being born again in Christ.

In the end the doctrine does not save us, the Gospel saves. Yes, we need the correct
doctrine to tell us who Jesus is, who we are and how we can be saved according to the
Scriptures. However, it is Christ alone through the Gospel of God’s Righteousness
that saves. It is not enough to know the truth, elects must believe and walk in the
truth. It is not enough to possess the Gospel truth, the Gospel truth must possess
the elect. Paul called it ‘my gospel’. Can we say that now in our new creation life?

I. Our Gospel

The Gospel of God’s Righteousness is good news, the best and most important news in
the world. It is good news because it tells us what Jesus Christ has done for us
through His baptism, death and resurrection. It is good news because it can change
our lives. The Gospel Word is the reason why NCCkl exists. Our mission statement
is : Endeavoring through Spirit and Word centered ministries to empower elects to
emulate, endure and reign with Christ. God has put heavily upon my heart that we
must reaffirm the Gospel of God’s Righteousness as our central message in 2020.
We must be bold in our proclamation, bolder in the future than in the past. The
Gospel of God’s Righteousness is the central message of the Bible. Therefore, elects
must know it. That means knowing enough to oppose any and every false gospel. We
must get the gospel right. We must have the courage to point out when someone else
(who may be a nice person) gets it wrong. Not everyone who claims to be a Christian
is truly preaching the Gospel of God’s Righteousness. The Gospel is God’s plan for
salvation. Therefore, we must believe it. The Gospel of God’s Righteousness is meant
for everyone. Therefore we must preach it since it is everything. It is our only
message. The Gospel teaches us that in Christ our sins are being forgiven and that
all righteousness of Christ is added to us the moment we trust in Him. It happens by
grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone.

II. God’s Gospel

In Rom 1:1, Paul called himself an apostle of ‘the gospel of God.’ The Gospel begins
with God. God made the first move and if He didn’t make the first move, we would
make no move at all. The Gospel is not about us. It is about what God has done for
us through the baptism and death of Jesus Christ. God is the author of the Gospel.
When confronted with human rebellion, God chose to become our Redeemer and our
Deliverer. That is why the Bible tells us that the Father sent the Son to the earth.

John 17:3 It is not as if a group of people petitioned God to send Jesus to the earth.
That was entirely God’s doing. Furthermore, what we know about the gospel comes
from God Himself. We know what we know because God has revealed His secrets and
mysteries of the gospel to us in His Word. The truth of the Gospel does not depend
on the church, human tradition or any particular denomination. Therefore, we base
what we say on the authority of God’s Word. We deny there is any gospel other than
the one revealed in the Bible. Not only does the gospel begin with God, it centers
upon the Lord Jesus Christ – Who He is and what He accomplished through His
baptism, death and resurrection. To say it in this way means that the gospel doesn’t
center in our feelings or our sentimental notions. The gospel is rooted in time and
space, in the facts of history, in the Incarnation and in the truth of what God did
when He sent His Son to the earth.

III. Only Gospel

There are many reasons why the Gospel of God’s Righteousness should be preached in
every sermon. If we are not preaching the Gospel, then what message of hope are we
possibly bringing to our congregation. Throughout history God’s servants have
reigned as kings and prophets in this fallen world by proclaiming the baptism of
Jesus, the blood stained cross of Christ and the empty tomb of our Risen Savior as
central to their message. Preaching the message is absurd to those who are
perishing but to us who are saved it is the power of God unto salvation. Preaching
the only Gospel of God’s Righteousness honors the Lord Rom 5:5-6, sanctifies the
believers 1 Cor 1:18, elevates Jesus Christ Rom 15:16-17, reaches the lost Rom 10:14,
matures the church Col 1:28-29, advances God’s Kingdom Col 1:6, opens the door to
spiritual intimacy with Christ Phil 3:8-10, accomplishes the eternal purposes of God
Eph 3:7-11, unleashes the power of the Holy Spirit 1 Cor 2:4-5 and frustrates the
forces of darkness Acts 26:16-18