Offensive Weapon

Tuesday, September 29th, 2015

20 But you, beloved, building yourselves up on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Spirit,   Jude 1:20

Anyone who becomes a true believer in the Gospel of the water and Spirit which constitutes God’s righteousness has openly swapped their allegiance from the dark world to the light and confirmed themselves as an enemy of Satan. Anyone who takes up their marching orders and actively seeks to rescue others from Satan’s realm will experience intense resistance from Satan.

Notably atNCCkl it is reasonable to assume that most of us are pretty well exposed to the defensive weapons of Eph 6. However, all too often we embark in our pursuit to preach the beautiful Gospel to the lost without really exploring the possibility of needing to use offensive weapons. 

Two offensive weapons used together to help battle the mind game Satan deploys is the Word of God and spirit driven prayer. As such, the participation of the Holy Spirit in our prayer life is indispensable. In fact, the Holy Spirit driven prayer enables us to understand that the promises of God’s Word are not a substitute for our prayer but rather to provoke our spirit towards prayer. It takes our prayer in the spirit to make the promises of God effective and to release the intervention of God on our behalf.

The significance of the Holy Spirit driven prayer:

  1. It allows us to take full advantage of the fact that Christ has already made us conquerors through His baptism, death and resurrection. Rom 8:37
  2. It causes us to be bold and courageous in our ministry towards the lost souls. It gives us supernatural strength in fighting the fight of faith. Phil 4:13
  3. It gives us wisdom to fight and wrestle with Satan to possess souls held under the fear of death. It gives us knowledge to administer saving faith in Christ to those who are desperate under Satan’s power. Heb 2:14-15
  4. It enables us to possess definite and specific strategies in our battle to advance God’s Kingdom and His righteousness. This enables us to avoid battles that are not worth fighting for. 2 Tim 2:23-26
  5. It gives us discernment to enlist intercessory prayer partners to assist in our spiritual battles. A united spirit driven prayer augers well. Eph 6:18-20
  6. It shows us how we take advantage of special turning points in the lives of individuals, groups or communities. Such opportunities are to be seized because moments like this people become receptive to the Gospel.  1 Pet 3:14-15
  7. It produces sustained power to demolish strongholds and demonic bondages in one’s life. 2 Cor 10:4



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