‘Only Share A Word’

Thursday, June 20th, 2019

“Now when Jesus ……….only speak a word, ……….I have not found such great faith, not even in Israel! “ Mt 8:5-10


It is important for God’s elect in the Gospel of God’s Righteousness which constitutes Jesus’ baptism, death and resurrection to recognize that faith in the Word of God produces a wonderful and blessed life.  Blessed are those who have true faith in the Word of God.  Though we may have nothing to show before God, if we only have faith in His Word,  then the blessings will come to us in abundance. 

The passage about this centurion speaks to the elect that faith in God’s Word is the authentic faith before God.  God is pleased with such a faith. 

This faith comes when we believe in God, Who does everything and fulfills everything just with His Word. 

At NCCkl, we encourage and facilitate Word saturated fellowship among members to exercise their faith by ‘only sharing a Word’ with one another.  Let us identify several key factors found in this passage that enhances wholesome fellowship among fellow members that glorifies God.

  1. Why Is It Important For Elects To ‘Only Share A Word’?
  • Elects ought to share God’s Word because it encourages others to follow the path of righteousness by faith. We might not know the entire Word of God but if we share the Word, it releases supernatural healing and restoration to others.
  • Elects ought to share God’s Word because today’s Christianity is drifting away in a wrong current. The sad reality is that many are now following the mistaken faith based on emotions, experiences and materialism due to lack of wholesome fellowship.  Such paganistic beliefs will make inroads if it is left unchecked and cause erosion of genuine faith in the Gospel Word.  As a result, unbelief will slowly creep in and take center stage during our fellowship and will hinder progressive growth in the new creation life. 
  • Elects ought to share God’s Word because there is a huge difference between the faith of those who believe in pseudo gospel that consists visions, sign and wonders and that of those who put their absolute faith in the Word of God. Compared to the faith of the centurion, the faith of today’s misled Christians are one that seeks after miracles and signs for temporal relief. The faith of this centurion is the same as our faith which believes in the Word.
  • Elects ought to share God’s Word because the remission of all our sins is fulfilled by the Word of God. There is nothing that a paralyzed person can do on his own nor can a spiritually paralyzed person make his sins disappear by his own will. Elects saved from eternal death must constantly share the Word of deliverance to others. No one can receive the remission of sins and be born again apart from faith in the Gospel Word.  Heb 1:3 ; John 1:13
  • Elects ought to share God’s Word because God’s Church is a gathering of those who have been born again of the Gospel of God’s Righteousness. It is the gathering of the sinless and righteous, who are called to be the saints of God.  1 Cor 1:2  A place that enables one to put down their own thoughts and understanding, believe in the Word of God and saints sharing the Gospel Truth to others.


  1. Why Elects Can Be Bold To ‘Only Share A Word’?

The word ‘sharing’ sometimes sends a shiver down the spine of some elects.  There are many excuses elects use for not sharing the Word of God.  Here are some truth from Scripture that encourages us to take a bold step outside our comfort zone and into the exciting world of sharing our faith in the Gospel of God’s Righteousness. 

  • It is by the power of God that people are saved, encouraged and refreshed. It is not our effort, ability and this should take the pressure off us when people are not responding when we are sharing.
  • When we share our faith, we gain a deeper understanding of the Gospel of God’s Righteousness. In sharing, we ourselves are reminded of God’s awesome work in our lives.  This deepens our love and understanding of Christ.  Philemon 6 
  • When we share, be prepared for rejection. Even Jesus was rejected.  Success in sharing is measured not in the outcome but in our obedience to the command of Christ.  Mt 19:16-30
  • The Holy Spirit will give us the words. Lk 12:11-12  If God can speak through a donkey like He did in Num 22:28, elects should be no problem for God to use!  Take God at His Word. 
  • Our job is to plant seeds or water the soil. God takes care of the growth.  God is the One Who gives life both physically and spiritually.  We should take the opportunity given to plant seeds by sharing the Gospel Word and to water seeds already planted. Ultimately, it is God Who helps the person to grow.   


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