Only The Righteous Can Praise The Lord

Thursday, April 10th, 2014

Who can praise the Lord? Only the righteous, whose sins and iniquities have already been forgiven and covered. As such our praises never ceases whenever we come before Him. We give thanks to the Lord Who took away all our sins by being baptised by John the Baptist at the Jordan River and received the judgment at the cross in our place.

If the Lord had neither taken all our sins through His baptism and death, could we impudently call Him the Father? How could we praise the Lord? How could we praise the name of God and give thanks to His gift of salvation and glorify Him?  ll these are due to the gift of God’s grace. 

We, as the saints, can praise the Lord and give thanks to Him at this time because our sins have already been blotted out. However,  there are some who claim Jesus as their Saviour and praise Him but yet acknowledge themselves as mere sinners. God would be hesitant to receive praises from such because they have not received the gift of salvation given by grace through faith.

Though as saints, we have been forgiven of our sins, we cannot become perfect by our deeds while living on this earth. All of us are weak, but we, as the righteous are able to praise the Lord Who paid the wages of all the sins of sinners with His grace.  

We have become the saints who cannot help praising Jesus Christ because of His grace and forgiveness of sins. More ever we have become the worshippers who worship God in spirit and in truth that the Father is seeking.