Peace In The Midst Of Warfare

Thursday, June 21st, 2018

Blessed be the Lord my  Rock,  Who trains my hands for war, And my fingers for battle—.”   Ps 144:1


God’s elect who place their faith in the Gospel of God’s Righteousness that constitutes Jesus’ baptism, death and resurrection are living on earth  in the enemy’s territory.  As a result, we experience spiritual warfare and ought to be always on the alert.  The enemy comes in like a flood, trying to fill us with doubt, fear and discouragement.  He tries to bring division in our relationship. 

However, only those who trust in God’s righteousness are able to walk in peace and experience victory. 

If we want to be peacemakers, agent of restoration or a communicator of the Gospel,  we must be clad in God’s armor. We must also understand the seriousness of spiritual warfare.  How can we walk and maintain peace in the midst of an unrelenting attack from the enemy?  It is possible to walk in peace only when we  adhere to:


  1. We must be a lover of God first and then a warrior.

Jesus must be our all in all.  We must concentrate on our relationship with Him.  Abiding and intimacy are two indispensable components.  We must cultivate and harness our relationship with Jesus to maintain peace at all times.  The enemy is crafty and he knows where our power and weakness lie.  Deut 6:5


  1. We must develop a life of praise and worship.

Worship is a powerful tool for spiritual warfare.  I personally find worship to be my greatest strategy in seeing breakthrough in all circumstances.  Prayer and worship infuses peace into  our inner beings.  God opens the door for His grace and peace to come into our hearts when facing adverse situations.  Ps 18:46


  1. We must persevere and resist the devil.

The enemy is intent to stop us as we move forward in the things of God.  We need perseverance to maintain peace at all times.   After all we are living in the enemy’s territory and are bound to be oppressed by evil forces.  However, we are empowered to destroy the work of the devil in Christ.  In fact, Jesus destroyed the work of the devil through His baptism and death.  More so, at His resurrection, He sealed Satan’s defeat forever.  We ought to take our stand against the enemy, not give any ground and retreat.  We must resist the enemy and draw near to God.  James 4:7-8


  1. We must handle adversities in God’s way and with His peace in the midst of difficulties.

The enemy brings on discouraging thoughts, false reasoning, doubts and disappointments.  He tries to steal our peace.  If we choose to trust God’s Word and strengthen our intimacy with Jesus, then the clouds of darkness will soon disappear. The godly relationship  will eventually lead us to a sustained peace.  It is part of God working in us to test our endurance so that we may mature and know how to maintain peace  in all circumstances. Eph 6:10


  1. We must thank God even in adverse situations because He is stretching us.

God is developing our spiritual muscles so that we may be able to maintain peace in the midst of spiritual warfare.  It is God’s plan to strengthen our faith and confidence on His ability to mature us.  No matter how difficult it may be, we must continue to believe His love will see us through.  God loves us.  This is why He permits whatever trials we may be facing.  It is for our good.  We must see adverse circumstances from God’s perspective and let His peace rule in our hearts.  Col 3:15



We must not walk  our spiritual lives with our own strength.  Listed above are some of the ways that we can maintain God’s peace in the midst of warfare. Let us live a life of total dependence on God by loving Him and standing firm on His Word in order to maintain peace in our inner beings.


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