Peace With Ourselves And Others

Thursday, January 22nd, 2015

One thing that is sure. If we don’t have peace with God, then it will be impossible to be at peace consistently with ourselves. We will be constantly condemning ourselves for our failures and that self condemnation will keep our focus on ourselves instead on Jesus. We will become oblivious to what Jesus had done by His baptism, death and resurrection to remove God’s wrath from us. 

It is also impossible to be at peace with others if we haven’t first settle in our mind that God is at peace with us. The last great commandment Jesus gave to His disciples was to love one another, in the same way as He had loved us.  John 13:34. If we are not convinced that God’s love for us is unconditional on the basis of His justification of us, then our love for others won’t be unconditional either. We will accept them in the same way that we see ourselves accepted by God. That is, when we perform up to God’s expectation, He accepts us, when we don’t perform, He doesn’t.  

That’s the way we will respond to those around us. When they meet our expectation, we give them unconditional acceptance. When they let us down, we withdraw our full acceptance of them until they shape up and start performing up to our standards again.

All these fouled up thinking is straightened out by simply believing that what God says of us, is true. We have been justified by God’s Righteousness which contains the baptism and death of Jesus. By simply believing this absolute Truth we are accepted by grace through our faith in God’s Righteousness. 

God is at peace with us and nothing will ever cause Him to stop being at peace with us. The only issue is, will we believe what He says about our justification of righteousness by faith and be at peace with Him.


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