Power of the Gospel

Thursday, February 6th, 2014

Eph 1:7 “in Him we have the redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of sins.”

What does it mean to receive the remission of sins? Does it not mean that one is remitted from all his sins and that each and every sin committed in this world is blotted out? Indeed, that is precisely what it means to receive the remission of sins. Now then, if we have been remitted from all your sins, are you a righteous person or a sinner? You are a righteous person. As those who believe in this Truth, do we still have any sin left? No, we have no more sin. Why do we have no more sin then? We have no more sin because we believe in the baptism of Jesus and His blood on the cross. Thanks to the Gospel of the water and Spirit, which has made us God’s people who are completely sinless by faith.

However, countless Christians say that they must offer prayers of repentance for their sins in tears on a daily basis, saying that they are still sinners even as they believe in Jesus. Like these misguided Christians, do we also think that we can go to heaven only if we offer our own prayers of repentance everyday in tears? Do you think God is pleased to see you shedding your tears like this day after day throughout your entire lifetime? No, this is nothing more than a man-made notion stemming from the flawed thought of man.

Many who lack knowledge in this true Gospel, resort to offer prayers of repentance when they sin, hoping to receive forgiveness from God. They are oblivious to the fact that they have been totally forgiven by God through Jesus’ baptism and death. Though we are lacking, our Lord has saved us perfectly from all our sins. We approach God as a righteous child, forgiven and accepted even in our shortcomings and failings.