Realization – Born Sinner

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

People Are Confused And Live Under Their Own Illusions

First of all, I would like to ask you a question. How do you see yourself? Do you think you are good or bad? What do you think?

All people live under their own illusions. You may not be as bad as you think, nor quite as good as you think.

Who, then, do you think will lead a better life of faith? Will it be one who thinks of himself/herself as good or one who thinks of himself/herself as bad? It is the latter. Let me ask you another question. Who is more likely to be redeemed, the one who has committed more sins or the one who has committed a few sins? The one who admits that he/she has committed countless sins is more likely to be redeemed because the person accepts that he/she is a born sinner. Such a person can better accept the Word of redemption prepared by Jesus.

Who are human beings? A human being is only ‘a seed of evil doer’ inherited from the fallen Adamic nature. In Isaiah 59, it states that there are all kinds of iniquities in the hearts of people. Jesus further validates this truth in Mark 7:20-23. If we honestly look at ourselves, it is clearly obvious that we are fundamentally born as evil beings. Those who are honest with themselves must arrive at this very same conclusion. True spiritual faith in Christ only begins after this sober realization of oneself.

However, it seems that most people refuse to admit and confess before God their inherent sinful nature. What about you? Many live their entire lives not considering themselves as sinners and are unable to meet the true Saviour. However, God given conscience provides a sense of guilt and condemnation whenever we sin. We have created a sinful civilization and today many sinners hide themselves behind our vile culture just like Adam and Eve who hide themselves among the trees.

People are deceived by their own illusions. They think themselves to be more virtuous than others. So, when they hear about some bad news they cry out in rage, ‘how can a person do such things?, how can a man do that?, how can a son do that to his own parents?’They themselves believe that they would not do such things.

Dear friends, it is so hard for you to know yourselves. In order to truly know ourselves, we must first receive the remission of sins through the Gospel Truth of the water and Spirit wherein contains the righteousness of God.We must believe in our hearts that our lifetime of sins have been passed upon the body of Jesus Who received His baptism from John the Baptist at the river Jordan.The Lord offered His body as a propiation and sanctified Himself and gave His life and Spirit to us. For our sake He virtually became sin Who knew no sin in order that in and through Him we might become righteous.There are so many people in this world who do not know their true natures. They have deceived themselves and end up living their lives completely wrapped up in their own deceptions. They do not understand that they are throwing themselves into hell because of their self deception induced by the devil.

God Did Not Redeem Those Who Have ‘a bit of sin’

God only delivers those who know and admit themselves to be masses of sin, a brood of evildoers according to the Word of God and not according to their fleshly thoughts.

We must realize that we are born as sinners and our hearts can never become sinless, no matter how much we try to remove it. This is because, we commit sins throughout our lives. We can only be sinless and righteous by believing the Word of God that has perfectly saved us by the water, blood and Spirit.

When someone does not realize that he/she is indeed a born sinner, he/she will continue to hide his/her sinful nature. How long do you think this will go on? It goes on until the day the person dies. People act sinfully until their dying days. This is why we have to believe in Jesus to be redeemed. To be redeemed, we need to first know ourselves.


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