Redeemed For Community

Wednesday, January 6th, 2016

Redeemed for community are those who have been baptized into the body of Christ by the Holy Spirit.

We are bound together as a community of faith by believing:

1.   Jesus’ baptism took our lifetime of sins by the laying on of hands by John the Baptist. 

2.  He died on the cross for our sins on our behalf.

3. He resurrected from death to secure our justification of faith.  

According to Acts 2:42-47, the very first redeemed community of believers gathered together on a regular basis for worship, prayer, teaching and fellowship. It wasn’t easy to follow Christ in the first century. Times were tough and persecution was rampant. The early believers needed each other to face so many obstacles. Likewise, we too are confronted with various challenges.

NCCkl is a local community of faith redeemed and united in Christ’s baptism, death and resurrection. Indwelt by the Holy Spirit, we possess the mind of Christ. We make every effort to be led by God’s Spirit in order to think and act like Christ.  God uses the community of faith to do powerful things in the life of true believers who are living in a godless world.   

Through the redeemed community, God desires that we find courage for our spiritual journey, a place to care for each other and to receive a never ending source of counsel to face the challenges in these last days.  

1. Courage 

The community of faith is crucial as we face the inevitable trials, troubles and tragedies of life on this sin-marred world. God intends that we are supported, strengthened, encouraged and empowered through the community of believers.  When we face the storms and temptations of life, we ought to receive courage from each other. We cannot afford to stand alone because we need each other. We need to be an active part of a community of faith since we need others and they need us. 

2. Care

The community of faith is crucial because it is a place where we find special opportunities to serve. We do not merely absorb Christ’s love individually but our changed lives ought to reflect His care corporately.  A union with Christ creates community responsibilities. We are called to care and serve with our God-given ability and responsibility. Love acts, it serves God and others.

3. Counsel

The community of faith is crucial because it provides the source of much needed guidance, direction and even correction. God yearns to counsel us safely through our earthly pilgrimage, sparing us of many wrong turns and harmful path. God chooses and guides His servants to serve His people. God counsels us with advice that improves our relationship with Him, spouses, children and those around us. He guides us regarding proper priorities, values, morals and ethics according to His Scripture. Through our interaction with each other and His Word, He helps us make right choices and good decisions.

4. Challenges

The community of faith is crucial since no one is exempted from trouble, disappointment and failure. The true biblical community is not the absence of conflict and difficulties but the presence of a reconciling spirit. In our humanness, we do rub others the wrong way and offend them. We at times are hurt and we are prone to hurt others as well.  Nevertheless, we must not back away from the fellowship of faith.  We must make an unwavering commitment to exercise divine forbearance and tolerance. In our humanness there is usually a tendency to pull away and go it alone.  We must resist that tendency.

Friends, it is my sincere hope that our lives at NCCkl as a redeemed community of faith, would not be one more bolt on the wheels  of activity but to be the very hub at the center of our lives.


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