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Imitating Paul

Wednesday, March 18th, 2020

“Brethren, join in following my example, and note those who so walk, as you have us
for a pattern.” Phil 3:17


It is imperative for God’s elect in the Gospel of God’s Righteousness which
constitutes Jesus’ baptism, death and resurrection to know that there is no ministry
without effective ministers of Christ. Ministry is the process by which the Lord
uses His elects to advance God’s Kingdom on earth.
As far as ministry, there may be no better model to imitate than Paul. In a way, Paul
became God’s greatest minister of the Gospel of God’s Righteousness. God was
pleased with Paul’s ministry and made him an example to imitate in the Scripture. 1
Cor 11:1 Let’s discover the characteristics of an effective minister by studying
Paul’s ministry. Col 1:24-29

1. Sacrificial Ministry Col 1:24

Effective ministers are willing to suffer for the church like Paul. What is Paul
referring to when he says ‘fill up in my flesh what is still lacking in regard to Christ’s
affliction?’ Paul is referring to suffering the afflictions Christ would suffer if He
was still on earth. John 15:20 Elects suffer the persecution that their Master
would if He was still here. The more our life models Jesus, the more we will receive
the same animosity He did. Paul is referring to how Christ suffers when any
believer suffers. This shall be the attitude of every ministers. True ministers know
they must drink the cup of suffering until the time of Christ’s return and drink it
willingly. Lk 22:42; 2 Tim 2:3 An elect can choose to live a life avoiding all sacrifice
and suffering. They can choose to not bear the weight of serving or the scorn of
being bold for Christ. Ministry without sacrifice is no ministry at all..

2. Servanthood Ministry Col 1:25

Effective ministers are servants of the church. Paul said he had become the
church’s servant by the commission of God. This is true of all ministers who are
effective. In fact, the word minister means servant. Mk 10:45 This virtue is
fundamental to true ministry. It is very possible for ministers to seek to be served
in the church instead of serving. Jesus said, even though the world’s model of
leadership is about ruling and being served, it will not be that way in the church of
God. Lk 22:25-27 ; 1 Pet 5:2-3 A good servant is always seeking the interest of
others before his own. A good servant is willing to perform menial or despised
tasks. A good servant is willing to serve in secret without applause. A good servant
knows and uses his gifts.

3. Faithful Ministry Col 1: 25-27

Effective ministers are faithful stewards of the Word of God. Paul declared in this
text that he was a faithful steward of the Word of God. A steward is a servant
placed over the house of the master. Paul declares himself as steward of the Word.
1 Cor 4:1-2 While Christ is away from the earth, He has called us to be stewards of
His Word and His mysteries. One day when the Master returns, we will give an
account of our faithfulness in studying and teaching the mysteries of God. 2 Tim

2:15 Are we living as faithful stewards of God’s Word? Faithful stewards of God’s
Word always seek to present the wholesome Gospel Word. Faithful stewards of
God’s Word share the mystery with everybody. There is a tendency among elects,
after salvation, they were zealous and on fire to share the mystery of the Gospel
Word but later as time pass, they lose the desire to evangelize. Most don’t share
the Gospel of God’s Righteousness. Unlike Paul, most are not willing to stretch
themselves out of their comfort zone to reach out to others.

4. Inspiring Ministry Col 1:28

Effective ministers have the goal of inspiring others to mature in Christ. We see
that Paul’s goal in ministering was to present everyone perfect in Christ. Eph 4:11-14
Some elects never get out of the infant stage. They do not grow into maturity.
They are not disciplined with getting into the Word and prayer. They are up and
down with every challenges in their lives. They don’t serve and are not consistently
doing the things of God. Effective ministers observe the potential of a young elect
and always seek to inspire them. They invest in them so that they would mature in
Christ. In fact, if the leadership of the church does not labor in maturing the young
elects, the church will eventually have many problems. 1 Cor 3:1-3 The church
continues to mature when ministers admonish, preach and teach young elects to
follow Jesus.

5. Laboring Ministry Col 1:29

Effective ministers are willing to work hard. There is such thing as a holy labour
that every elects must take part. Paul laboured for others to reach their spiritual
perfection. That was Christ’s call on his life. 1 Cor 15:10 The grace of God enabled
him to work hard. God has given to all elects the grace to labour in His vineyard.
Effective ministers work hard as God motivates them. Ministers must work hard in
everything they do. Phil 2:12-13

6. Empowering Ministry Col 1:29

Effective ministers rely on God’s power. It is very easy to be consumed with
ministry and yet do it in our own power for personal glory. Why do so many
ministers lack power in their ministry? Many ministers lack power because they are
no longer intimate with Christ. John 15:4-5 All ministry and power flows out of an
intimate relationship with God. At times, ministers lack power because of the lack
of faith in the Gospel of God’s Righteousness. They don’t trust God when
adversities come their way. They doubt God…..