Thursday, July 13th, 2017

For our gospel did not come to you in word only, but also in power, and in the Holy Spirit and in much assurance, as you know what kind of men we were among you for your sake.   1 Thess 1:5


It is pertinent to know and understand what is ‘rhema’.  What is ‘rhema’?  It is a Greek word which means ‘the spoken Word.’  

It is Holy Spirit speaking directly to our born again spirit because  spirit can only communicate with Spirit. 

John 4:24   ‘Rhema’ is a particular word that the Holy Spirit brings to remembrance for a specific purpose.  In the Bible, the written Word is also known as ‘logos’ which is the expressed will or mind of God.

For the born again in the Gospel of God’s Righteousness, which constitutes  Jesus’ baptism, death and resurrection, the spirit is a driving or life giving power.  As such, we must have spiritual understanding of ‘rhema’ because God’s Word is spirit and life. Our minds are actually the battleground.  Our spirits are complete and our souls will do what they are told.  However, our soulish parts which include our intellect have the responsibility to choose or exercise our free will.  In a sense, a person’s soul is the master control over our whole person. 

How do we allow the written Word (logos) to become ‘rhema’ in our spirit to be made alive and powerful?


  1. The Power Of Meditation

Often we get so hungry to learn God’s Word that we don’t take sufficient time to let ‘the mind of Christ’ in our spirit man to give us a full disclosure of the power that is in these words.  Only the Word which has been mixed with faith that comes from our spirit man will profit us.  We could be better off with only a small amount of the Word in us if it was a true revelation from God than having a vast amount of scripture with only carnal understanding.  Therefore, it is necessary that we get this ‘mind of Christ’ functioning in our soulish minds so that we can make right choices.  This is solely done by meditating on the Word of God.  God’s Word is the wisdom of God. 2 Cor 3:6 denotes that the mere knowledge of God’s Word is not enough.  When the knowledge of God’s Word enters our soulish minds through meditating, our spirits bear witness with the truth and imparts wisdom to apply knowledge. 

This explains why the Word of God seems to work for some people  and not for others.  On the surface it may appear that all know the Word but in truth, only those who meditate on it had the Word of God made alive on the inside of them through revelation knowledge .


  1. The Power Of Revelation Knowledge

A true revelation of God’s Word is the single most important element of a victorious Christian life.  One of the most needed things in the life of those born again of the water and Spirit is the revelation knowledge of the Word of God.  God’s Word works!  God sent His Word to save, sanctify, heal and deliver us from this present wicked age and world order.  If we have the true revelation of God’s Word in our hearts, we can overcome the power of Satan and the lust of the world. 

To understand what revelation knowledge is and how to get it functional in our life, we have to know at least some of the basics of our spirit, soul and body.  Our spirit is the part of us that was changed at salvation.  Our body and soul did not automatically become totally new.  They can be changed and renewed  as we grow in the Lord, it is a continuing process.  Revelation knowledge will not profit our physical or soulish parts until we learn to meditate, ignite and release God’s  spoken Word from our spirit man. 

Revelation knowledge was  evident in the lives of the early disciples even though they did not have the complete Word of God that we have today.  They did not have the OT and the NT Scriptures readily available but only through the revelation knowledge of God’s spoken Word, they were able to transform their present day world.  Unfortunately, revelation knowledge is missing today in the presentation  and application of God’s Word among those who are not born of the water and Spirit.  Carnal preachers have been putting out carnal knowledge to carnal people and therefore, the true power of God’s Word  is not  released. 


We thank God that at NCCkl, God’s revelation knowledge of His spoken Word is flowing among those who are born again in the spirit.  True believers will not be drawn to the popularity of a person, rather to the power of God’s Word, regardless of which vessel it comes through “for the Kingdom of God is not in word but in power.”  1 Cor 4:20.  We can have revelation knowledge of God’s spoken Word  Who has given us the “mind of Christ” 1 Cor 2:16.


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