Righteous Soul Infuses Healthy Body

Thursday, August 30th, 2018

“But if the Spirit of Him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, He who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies [a]through His Spirit who dwells in you. “  Rom 8:11



God’s elect ought to recognize that their righteous soul infuses healthy body.  Only those established in the Gospel of God’s Righteousness that constitutes Jesus’ baptism, death and resurrection can possess Spirit infused healthy bodies.  As a result, the Spirit infused life enjoys a healthy walking relationship with God. 

A healthy walking relationship with God involves companionship, dialogue, intimacy, joint decision-making, mutual delight and shared dominion.

The walking relationship that Adam lost in the garden was restored in Christ which is why God’s arm of grace has been pulling God’s elect into a closer walk with Him.

God still likes to walk with God’s elect today. It is designed of God to establish God’s elect in an intimate friendship with Him that is walked out through the course of our every day lives.  The goal is to have a habitual fellowship with the Lord.  Let us discover through the life of Enoch what a Spirit infused walking relationship  with God is :


Whose Walk?  

Enoch was the first man in the Bible who walked with God. Gen 5:22-24  Even though man began to call upon the name of the Lord in the early days, Enoch was the first man to uncover the true delight of walking with God.  He found something even Adam did not experience.  He pressed into God until he learned how to have a habitual fellowship  with God through every facet of life. 


Which Walk? 

To find that dimension of a relationship certainly require an intense spiritual pursuit.  By taking Enoch up to glory, God was not trying to get us impressed with Enoch’s piety.  This was a unique experience that God used to emphasize a specific point.  God’s point was, “I love to walk with My elect!  Enoch was the first elect to truly walk with Me, so I decided to highlight his example by doing something extraordinary with him.  I took him up to paradise to underscore how much I value and desire a daily walking relationship with God’s elect.” 


When Walk?

Enoch’s example continued to witness to all generations of the great zeal God has to walk with His elect.  When the zeal of God captivates God’s elect, it will ignite them with a great passion to walk with God and to be His friend.  Imagine being Enoch, living 365 years and having this growing relationship with God.  One can only wonder what depth of intimacy Enoch uncovered.  As we draw close to God, He will not likely take us up to heaven as He did with Enoch.  However, God desires to reveal the beauty of His Face to God’s elect.  As we walk with Him, God will open the Scripture to us through the spirit of wisdom and revelation to reveal the light of the glory of God.  When we walk with God, we enter the dimension where God unfolds the secrets of His Kingdom. These are the paths that our predecessors of the righteousness of faith trod before us.  Noah knew the secret of walking with God Gen 6:9 as did Abraham Gen 24:40.  Through Christ, we too can explore the glorious riches of knowing God’s righteousness because we are infused in the Spirit. 


Why Walk?

God wants to walk with God’s elect before He works through them.  God will wait to act until He finds His elect through whom He can work.  To put it bluntly, God works with His friends.  When God has a friend, divine activity accelerates.  When God has a useful vessel that has been prepared for noble purposes, He will use that vessel.  God is looking especially for three crucial qualities namely humility, faithfulness and loyalty.  God wants to work with friends who are loyal to Him, no matter what.  The Lord will test our fidelity.  When we prove ourselves as His friends through the greatest calamities of life, we qualify as useful vessels for His righteousness. 


What Walk?

Jesus was the quintessential example of a Man who walked with God.  He walked so closely with God because He was always infused in the Spirit.  When the disciples awaken Jesus out of a deep sleep, He silenced the storm.  What an amazing attainment, to be awakened out of a deep sleep and to be instantly in the Spirit.  The secret place is where we develop a walking relationship or habitual fellowship with God. The secret place is not the destination, it is only the catalyst. Hidden in the secret place, we learn what God is looking for as friends and we find out what pleases Him.  Our inner chamber with Him becomes our training ground for a life that is rooted and grounded in God’s love.


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