Righteousness of Faith

Thursday, June 18th, 2015

At NCCkl God has given to us songs of deliverance with a common theme, where salvation is attained only by the righteousness of faith. As for me, this is miracle because there are so many souls set free in our midst. In this age of miracle, the greatest one of all is the marvel of God undoing the internal damage to man’s spirit, soul, body and bringing the harmony and balance God original designed us for. To be in complete union with Christ is to have been legally taken out of our relationship to the first Adam and his ruin and place into the Last Adam, Jesus. Both Adam and Christ demonstrate the principle that one can be affected for good or evil by one person’s deed. The baptism, death and resurrection of Jesus which constitutes God’s Righteousness has the power to set one free. We are able to be born again by faith in this righteousness of God.  When we are born again, the baptism of the Holy Spirit is that ministry of the Spirit that takes us out of Adam and puts us into union with Christ. 

The righteousness of faith simply enables one to be identified with Christ from the baptism to the throne. The key that unlocks the hidden truth of our release from Satan and the sin nature’s power is the little preposition “with.” We were baptised with Christ, died with Him, buried with Him, resurrected with Him, ascended with Him and seated with Him. We will eventually reign with Him.  (Matt 3:15-17; Rom 6:1-13; Col 3:1-3; Rev 20:6)

The righteousness of faith found in the Gospel Truth of the water and Spirit is our entire ground for victory as a believer. We are wrapped up in the death-dealing blow  through the baptism, death, burial, resurrection and ascension of Jesus  which nullifies the authority and power of Satan and sin. If we understood no other truths in the Bible than these and fully grasp our total identification with Christ in this victory, we will be equipped to live victoriously over Satan and over the constant lure and pull of the flesh.

The faith that enables us to obtain God’s righteousness is also like this. Our faith is approved by God not because of the good deeds of our flesh but because we believe that the baptism Jesus received from John the Baptist and the blood He shed on the cross constitute the righteousness of God that brings us to the remission of our sins.

Have you attained God’s righteousness of faith apart from works?  The faith that has received salvation by God’s help is the faith that believes in the Righteousness of God. You may have believed in Jesus as your Saviour to be saved from your sins but if you believe in Him without knowing the Righteousness of God, then your faith is all in vain. Human beings are fundamentally incapable of being upright before God, unless we hold on to God’s Righteousness, it is impossible for us to be saved.


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