Rise Above The Rest

Thursday, August 27th, 2015

The key that unlocks the hidden truth of rising above the rest is the preposition “with.”  We were baptized with Christ, buried with Him, resurrected with Him, are seated with Him and will eventually reign with Him. Rom 6:1-13; Col 3:1-3; Rev 20:6. Our entire ground to rise above the rest as true believers in the Gospel of the water and Spirit is founded in the righteousness of God that contains the baptism, death and resurrection of Jesus. If we understood no other truths in the Bible and fully grasp our total identification with Christ, then we will be equipped to rise above the rest namely the flesh, world and Satan.

Paul makes the powerful statement in Rom 6:9-11 that on the basis of our having been baptized and crucified with Christ, we ourselves are actually as dead to sin’s power as Jesus is, since His victory over it is ours also. Obviously, it goes without saying that if we haven’t let this truth become a reality, then we won’t be able to rise above the rest in our daily lives. We’ll willingly struggle against various adversities out of a genuine desire but without knowing we have legitimate grounds for claiming complete immunity to its power, we will eventually wear down in our defenses. 

As true believers at NCCkl, we are to contend for our precious faith by the power of God’s Spirit that dwells within us. How we respond will lead to determine the outcome.

Response – We need to conduct ourselves courageously for Jesus and His redemptive plan for the lost souls. To rise above the rest, we need to honor our heavenly calling.  We are born again to an ever living hope by faith in God’s righteousness.  This response will lead us to manifest fruits that are rooted in absolute submission to God.

Lead – We need to obey God’s Word and walk by faith in a moment by moment awareness of our call. The church, leaders and the ministries are God given blessings to guide us to learn submission.  Submission is the key to rise above the rest in all our relationship, endeavors and success. This would lead us to acquire strength and knowledge to stand against all sorts of trials and adversities in life. 

Outcome – Godly life will inevitably draw persecution and challenges.   As such, we need to persevere and suffer for the sake of the Gospel and Christ. To rise above the rest, our walk with the Holy Spirit must be fresh, vibrant and living.  Rom 5: 3-5; James 1:3-4; 1 Pet 4:12.

When we fail to rise above the rest in Christ, promises like forgiveness, freedom, acceptance and empowering of the Spirit, given to the children of God becomes ineffective. In fact, we are short changing not only God but ourselves and those whose lives we touch who so desperately need to see the reality of God in a human life. 


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