Set Free to Serve

Wednesday, July 1st, 2015

Dear friends at NCCkl, it is an undeniable fact that only those who are set free can serve Jesus. Let’s face it. We are at war. God wants us to know that we no longer have to give in to the demands of our sin nature aroused by the Law and that we have been liberated from the authority and dominion of Satan. The ransom was paid by Jesus and we have been set free from the slavery of Satan to serve our Master. The only slavery for us now is our willing slavery to Jesus out of love and gratitude.

A wonderful story illustrates this. In the days of slavery in ancient Rome, a notorious and cruel slaveholder was in the Romans slave market to purchase some additional slaves. That particular day, there was a stranger, a kind man who was new at the market. He bought slaves in order to set them free. A slave was put up on the dock and the bidding started. The cruel man opened the bid and the good man immediately set forth a competitive bid. The prices offered began to soar to dizzy heights as the men bid back and forth.  Finally, the good man named a price so high that the wicked slaveholder couldn’t match it. As the new owner walked up to the proprietor of the slave market to make payment of the ransom, the slave marched over behind his new master and prepared to follow him. The good man who had bought the slave turned around and said, “you are free to go. I bought you to set you free.” He started to walk away. Wait a minute, the slave answered “If I am a free man then I am free to follow you. My desire is to serve you out of gratitude and for what you have done for me.” 

What this slave experienced is just what Christ has done for us through His baptism and death. He has set us free from the impossible demands of the Law. He has taken us out of Satan’s slave market by stripping him of his authority over us. More so, He has also delivered us from the tyranny of our sin nature by giving us a new nature and the indwelling Holy Spirit to empower us. In fact, Jesus Christ has set our spirits free through His redemption by providing for the ultimate redemption of our bodies in the near future – Rom 8:23.

This physical redemption as well as our freedom from Satan, the Law and sin – is what Paul refers to as God’s mercies towards us who believe. On the basis of these, He urges us who are believers to present our bodies as a living and holy sacrifice acceptable to God, which is our spiritual service of worship – Rom 12:1.

God doesn’t demand that we become His servants but Paul says it’s the only reasonable thing to do in light of all God have done for us.  Friends, let us contend for our precious faith and live as overcomers in order to serve His Righteousness all the days of our life.


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