Seven Promises Of Jubilee

Friday, March 31st, 2017

The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.  John 10:10


With the world falling apart around us, many including Christians are prophesying gloom and doom with prediction of looming chaos.  This predictions have led to a sense of fear.  However, we at NCCkl need to focus on the blessings of the 7 promises of Jubilee that is attained by faith in the Righteousness of God that constitutes Jesus’ baptism, death and resurrection. 

When the children of Israel cried out, God not only delivered them from bondage in Egypt but He also established a system that would continue to provide deliverance again and again by declaring promises of Jubilee in the land.  

Spiritually speaking, we who are redeemed perfectly by Christ baptism and death are qualified  in Christ to enjoy the promises of the Jubilee in this age.

7 amazing promises found in Leviticus 25 becomes significant in the life of a true believer in the Righteousness of God.

  1. Freedom Lev 25:10

Bondage is a cruel master.  Bondage is not of God.  Sadly, too many people are in the slavery of sin, death, Satan, world and the curse of the Law.  In fact, God in Christ have set all man free supernaturally through Jesus’ baptism and death on the cross.  True believers have been set free from sin to become righteous so that the Holy Spirit may seal our freedom from all bondages. 


  1. Inheritance Lev 25:13

During the OT times, the slaves were not allowed to go home until the year of Jubilee.  However, during the Jubilee, all were allowed to return to their homes, families and possessions.  It is timenow for true believers in the Righteousness of God to enjoy every inheritance that God has bestowed on us.  God has promised spiritual and physical healing, deliverance and prosperity.  Jesus set   our   soul  free  from   bondage  to   enjoy  divine  inheritancepurchased through His precious water and blood.  Satan wants to keep us from God’s best but God’s Church exist to liberate those who obey His Word of Righteousness.


  1. Restoration Lev 25:10

Homes are restored during the Jubilee.  Our family may be splintered.  We may have loved ones  who have strayed away or because of unbelief imprisoned by the evil one.  Things will change supernaturally if we continue to pray for their restoration. Satan has no power to hold them in bondage if they could only believe in the righteous work of Jesus’ baptism and death. 


  1. Abundance Lev 25:12

Slave owners ate the finest from the field – the increase.  Slaves ate the leftovers.  This has changed if we can only believe in the finished work of Christ.  Jesus has given abundant and overflowing life to those who believe in His Righteousness.  Increase of the field refers to prosperity bestowed specially to His children who walk by faith according to His Word.  We are qualified in Christ  to enjoy all of it, not the scraps.


  1. Deliverance Lev 25:14

When God pours out spiritual blessings, the devil will no longer  oppress us.  True believers are freed from affliction, strife and curses. We will be delivered from worldly oppression by God’s grace.  Only the righteous can renew their minds and dwell in the victory of the Lord.


  1. Protection Lev 25:18

God protects our family, health and livelihood.  In spite of what continues to happen in this uncertain world, God has rescued and delivered His children from this present wicked age.  True believers who walk in faith in God’s Righteousness will be protected supernaturally  from evil and the evil one. 


  1. Blessings Lev 25:21

The onus is on us who are spiritually circumcised and  adopted as God’s children to claim by faith all the blessings promised in the Scriptures.  Seek salvation, deliverance and  restoration for loved ones.  Pray for spiritual blessings for those who are held captive and lost.  We can impact others only when we are experiencing true blessings of Jubilee in our lives.  


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