Show Me Thy Glory

Friday, August 12th, 2016

And he said, “Please, show me Your glory.”   Exo 33:18

The glory of God is the weighty importance and shining majesty that accompanies God’s Presence.  The Heaven declares it, creation witnesses it, the church embodies it and the believers in the Gospel of God’s righteousness that contains Jesus’ baptism, death and resurrection are to reflect it. 

However,  as human beings we have a tendency to look for signs rather than to seek God’s Glory.  Even Moses, the great OT leader though had all the signs manifested in his midst, still yearned for further signs from God.  He was desperate for a divine sign, guidepost, an omen or a heavenly gesture.  In fact, he had witnessed a burning bush, a staff that became a snake, pillar of fire, manna the heavenly bread falling from the sky and many more. 

In Exodus 33, we find Moses eventually asking for God’s Glory to be manifested for better guidance and leading.  God offered Moses His Presence which is something better than a sign. 

We often seek for signs but God provides something better – Himself.  Signs are temporary but a relationship with God is permanent. 

Signs can be misinterpreted or misread.  God wants to lead each step of our journey.  This was the kind of relationship Moses experienced after seeking God’s Glory.  Moses was a real person who had real encounter with a real God.  This relationship provided him with a direction and guidance he desired. 

Dear friends, if we seek God’s Glory  surely we will meet Jesus Who is our Righteousness.  There are several benefits we can receive through this relationship.

  1. We Have A Companion Exo 33:14

My Presence will go with you.”  Regardless of our weakness  or circumstances God is with us.  Our situation does not change God’s faithfulness.  He is with us at all times.

  1. We Will Experience Rest Exo 33:14

“….and I will give you rest.”  A rest that reaches to the core of our being.  It is not merely a cessation of activity, struggle  or stress.  It is a calmness and serenity that comes through our relationship with God.  Rest provides the compass points that show us where to go.  It gives us the physical and emotional endurance to make correct judgment.  It is the solitude that gives us wisdom.  Rest is a necessary tool to find God’s ways and a testimony of trust.

  1. We Will Be Distinguished Exo 33:15-16

If Your Presence does not go……Your people will not be distinguished from all the other people on earth.”  We desire to  be set apart from the rest of the world.  God’s Presence does just that in our lives.  We are different because God’s Presence accompanies us.  We are not different because of what we do or not do but rather because of what God does in and through us.  If we are consciously aware of God’s Presence, it will impact our conversation, behaviour and thought.  God’s accompanying Presence causes us to think different, act differently, talk differently, love differently and serve differently.  The accompanying Presence of God causes us to stand out in the crowd, to be distinct, separate and unusual.  He makes us to be different.

  1. We Will Be Known Exo 33:17

The Lord answered Moses, “I will do this very thing….”   Can you imagine being known by God?  The encounter with God is an intimate experience.  We come to know Him and He come to know us.  Can you imagine the significance He gives us?  The  Creator of the universe calling us by name.  Its hard to explain but to have someone Great know who you are, truly brings a sense of significance to one’s life.  Wow! the Greatest One in the universe knows us by name.  In fact, He knows everything about us.

Dear friends, God continues to provide signs for us at NCCkl.  The sign of His glory, the sign of His goodness and the sign of His grace are the testimonies of those who are in relationship with Him. 


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