Signs and Wonders

Friday, May 22nd, 2015

“Bread obtained by falsehood is sweet to a man but afterward his mouth will be filled with gravel.”  Prov 20:17

There has never been a time in modern history where the Truth of God is so vigorously attacked by the evil one. We are living in a time when history is racing toward a climax. The pattern of events  which the Scripture said would occur before the Second Coming of Christ are coming together rapidly. 

After hundreds of years being scattered throughout the world, the Jews have return to their homeland to establish a  nation again. Even the remnants are returning to their homeland due to the harm inflicted by radicals and militants in these last days like the recent Charlie Hebdu mayhem. The Arabs have united with the mutual desire of attacking Israel to regain their land. To the north of Israel a great military power has formed in Russia. In the Orient, there is a great power awakened that can unleash an army of 200 million man – Red China.  There are rumblings of revival of the ancient Roman culture in Europe uniting to form a 10 nation confederation in the European Union to consolidate and encounter the terrorism threat by radicals. Scientists, confronted with the reality of the world situation are predicting famine on a scale never seen by man in the next 10-15 years. Earthquakes, global warming effects and natural disasters are reverberating around the earth frequently.

All of these things are predicted in the Bible and they are fitting together simultaneously. We are in an unparalleled time in human history in which the most wonderful event of all, Jesus Christ coming secretly to snatch out all of those who believe in the Gospel of the water and Spirit, would happen at any moment.   



Along with these events, there is unfolding before us another great prophetic sign by the emergence of satanic deception through the activity of counterfeit signs and wonders by false prophets. The Bible gives series of sober warning both to those who have attained eternal life through their faith in Jesus’ baptism, death and resurrection and also to those who refuse to believe in the Gospel of the water and Spirit which freely renders the gift of salvation to all man.   

The warning was given by Christ Himself. Jesus said that we should watch because there would be great deception during the last times, false prophets in sheep’s clothing would deceive man with counterfeit signs and wonders. Mt 24:4-5 These warnings are not just to the world but also to true believers whom He claimed are vulnerable to be misled and stray from their faith.  Mt 24:24


Be Discerning

Friends at NCCkl, be warned!  You may see and experience what appears to be supernatural act in your midst. You may be inclined to think “Wow, this must be of God, its miraculous!” Watch out. 

One of the ways in which great deception is seen is through the popularity of ministries which emphasize supernatural healing, material prosperity and comfortable life accompanied with signs and wonders through dubious means and not relying on Jesus’ power. 

We must depend upon the Holy Spirit and give our renewed mind to the Word of God – to learn and constantly be discerning. We are in a time of greatest opportunity for service and the greatest possibility of peril. We need to be discerning and not caught up in deception. We need to depend upon the Lord and stay close to His Word.  Only God’s Truth drives away error. The antidote for Satan’s error is God’s Truth.


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